Guest blog post on ”Your Magnificent Self” : Consciousness VS Artificial Intelligence

There is no such thing as coincidence: just when I was thinking about artificial intelligence and the consequences of its rapid rMe-My-Magnificent-Self-e1440834211828ise for humanity, the wonderful Barbara Franken invited me out of the blue to write a guest blog for her website ”Me, My magnificent Self”.
You can read the guest blog here: Guest blogger / author Feature Wendy Gillissen!
”The problem with AI   No matter what humanity gets its hands on, there will always be those will try and use it to control, dominate and manipulate others. It began when the first human picked up a stick, and it has been going on ever since. With the rapid development of AI, this tendency is becoming a more imminent threat to the safety, development and growth of humankind – and our planet.” Read on at Me, My Magncificent Self

Barbara is a Creative Visionary and MasterCreator
barbarafrankenInspiring New Energy Consciousness. She offers Master Classes and has written a book on her journey: Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom

All the money raised from Barbara’s books and classes goes to her non profit business: The Magnificent Consciousness that holds two local projects… ‘Creative Art Project’ inspiring our children to explore, discover and express life and their part in it ALL and a ‘Relax and Talk Group, inspiring everyone to balance their body, mind & spirit back into wellness in a  natural & simple way.

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