false reality

False reality


False reality

Lately I felt obliged to read some blog posts, channellings and articles on the nature of false reality.  Personally I never felt drawn to reading many of these channelings, but because my therapy clients sometimes talked about them, and experienced pain and confusion because of them, I began reading some of the material.

False gods

Now there are a couple of things I agree with, scanning some of that material. For instance, the fact that humanity has been worshiping a false god or false gods for goodness knows how long. People are still imprisoning themselves in the ideologies of false gods and killing one another over them in many places on this planet.

Limiting concepts

But I also found theories and ideas that to me, felt completely wrong, limiting, confusing and even fear-provoking. I have not read everything there is, because as I said, much of it doesn’t ring true with me and reading it is tedious work. But there was one theory that made me really question the validity of it all.


The one giveaway for me that many of these theories about false reality are to be taken with an extremely large grain of salt, was the statement that the incarnation process is a form of enslavement, a trap for souls to be sucked into and used as sources of energy for extra-terrestrial beings until eternity. Now I have witnessed the tampering E.T. races have plagued humanity with first hand in many of my incarnations and have been healing their programming to this day. But the incarnation process itself being a cycle of enslavement? My whole being disagrees with that.

Eternal Soul

An important thing to realise is that the soul cannot ever be enslaved, because it does not incarnate as a whole. That would be impossible: it is too vast, and resides on another plane. The soul resides in Unity, in the Now, with Source, and has complete oversight of all its incarnations. The soul sends out rays of itself, like a sun, just as Source sent out rays of itself that are our souls. These parts of the soul enter in the incarnation process freely and return to it after the body dies. To say the soul can be trapped is to say the Sun could be caught in a butterfly-net. It is a very diminishing view of the soul.

Past lives and reincarnation

As a past live therapist and someone who has healed countless lives of her own, I have witnessed people (and other beings) choosing the incarnation process freely; out of love for the Earth, compassion for other beings, the desire to learn and grow through experience, despite (or even because) this is not all roses and moonshine.

Tampering and illusion

And yes, in that process we encounter traps, false realities, alien tampering of all sorts, demonic sabotage by illusions and implants of false holographic realities, intrusion and tampering by parasitic beings and the like. This has caused a lot of confusion, horror and unnecessary bloodshed on Earth.


Parts of the soul, or rather, parts of its incarnations can and do get caught up in the shock of traumatic events and need to be released, sometimes millenia after the fact. But these are only parts of our soul, not the soul as a whole.

Growth opportunity

I also see the incarnation process with all its bumps in the road as a lesson in discernment, courage, compassion, and truth. As we are indeed eternal beings, part of Source, and it that sense Source ourselves, co-creators, we can never be sucked into a wheel of rebirth if the Soul doesn’t want to go there.

Descending into the physical plane

That isn’t to say there isn’t a lot of tampering going on ONCE the part of the soul that incarnates ‘’descends’’ into the physical plane. I have witnessed all sorts of trickery and derailments by demonic entities, negative E.T.’s, parasitic beings and other negative beings, sometimes on a grand scale. But the incarnation process itself is a choice, an act of divine free will.

Another false reality?

Reading about the concept of reincarnation as a slave trap made me wonder: how on Earth did people get up with this idea? Then it hit me: this idea, or the whole holographic ‘’reality’’ of it, might be a shard of false reality itself. It might be an illusion, used to trap people into false beliefs that disempower once more. I have seen clients of mine being truly scared and confused, thinking their whole existence was a bad thing, that they weren’t where they were supposed to be, or even exist in a physical body. The emotional anguish this idea produced was very real indeed.

The biggest lie

The biggest lie that enslaved humanity for a long time has been that we ARE our bodies and death is the end. Physical death as a portal to hell or nothingness. Humanity has suffered needless pain because of the lie that we end at death and lose our loved ones forever. The opposite is true: our souls are eternal and free, forever connected to our loved ones and all of existence, and when we die, we are reborn into our timeless Selves.

Another big lie

I would be sad to see a second lie plague humanity in future times: the idea that life in a physical body is a prison, a trap, a gateway to slavery instead of the brave act of free will it is: to grow from experience, yes, also by freeing ourselves of all the false programming, lies, illusions and trickery humanity has been suffering from.

YOU create your reality

Remember: the Law of Attraction is a powerful thing. If you fearfully BELIEVE you will be sucked into a slave trap you can’t escape from after death, that is what you might create for yourself.
To free ourselves from fear, false ideas and sabotage while on this beautiful planet, clear ourselves from all negative programming and BE the divine co-creators we truly are… that is what reincarnation is all about!

© Wendy Gillissen, M.A.
This article is protected by copyright. No parts may be used without permission. Sharing through the social media buttons is of course fine! Thank you for respecting my copyright.

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