Seeing injustice and badness + judging + resisting + perceived powerlessness + unfocused anger = being a victim and creating a negative reality,
Denying negative facts = blindly retreating to a bubble of false positivity = being prey
Acknowledging injustice + healthy anger + focusing that energy towards what you do want to create for yourself and the world + positive inspired action = success and happiness for yourself and the world ”for the good of all”.
Over the years, I have had several extremely clear dreams in which I met orca’s: swimming with them, meeting them as they were sticking their faces through openings in the sidewalk to kiss me, etc.
I have never found out why they swim into my dreams, but they feel like soul family to me.
Orcas have a somewhat dubious reputation: they are avid hunters and can seem quite ruthless to some.
I, however, see them as beings who teach us about balance, about how to live in this world that has both darkness and light with grace: how to be a spiritual warrior.

2 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Indeed, we have to have both to experience ‘This’ world. I have been dreaming about Lions, who saved Me.. 🙂 Many thanks for sharing your dream time Wendy..
    Much love.. ❤

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