Sociopathy at large

Went to bed thinking about sociopathy and how important it is people understand the toxic effect sociopaths have on families, circles of friends, communities, and countries.

What happens now in the world, with the rise of narcissistic, sociopathic leaders is nothing new, and is devastating, but it can also teach us something. The dynamics and effects of one sociopath on a family are the same as the effect of one sociopathic charismatic leader on a whole country or planet.

But whilst sociopathic leaders are rampaging, dividing and pitting nations against each other, consciousness about sociopathy and its effect is also on the rise. There are many website and groups teaching people about narcissism and its devastating effects – and how to deal with them.

It is sad that in the wake of this consciousness, people are torn apart – much like it did my own family. But on a spiritual level what is important is this: the growth of consciousness, wisdom, spiritual maturity, knowledge. That is the good that will come out of this difficult time.


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