After the Blood Moon

After the Blood Moon

After the obscene heat wave that hit Europe these past weeks relented for a night and I could finally sleep, I woke up with a speech in my system which I feel I must make. It is probably inspired by the Blood Moon and Mars – in its exalted state, the spiritual warrior. I want to put it out there as part of my soul’s mission – because I am, in fact, a spiritual warrior

We are living in an age where slowly, people are being used as objects and objects are becoming more important than people. You can see it everywhere in society: in the sciences, in health care, in education. The powers that be are becoming more and more inhumane: power, ego, status and money are becoming the leading factors in ALL parts of society.

Education is not about making children grow and think, but about turning them into mindless drones. Health care is not about making people healthy, but profiting from illness and keeping them drugged.
The food industry is not about providing healthy food, but the resemblance of food with addictive additives to make as much profit as possible.
Agriculture is not about respectfully growing from the earth, but poisoning and eroding the earth.
Work is not about earning an earnest wage to feed your family and provide you with enough to sustain you and allow you to live a good life in which you can realize your potential, but about earning just enough to survive until the next paycheck.
Banks are not about keeping abundance flowing and available to all but about restricting its flow to make a profit and keep people locked in debt.
Science is not about finding truth, but about ego and oppressing the real scientific mind that is curious and unfettered – and wants to KNOW, regardless of whether it gets them a new Mercedes or cheek implants.

Slowly but surely, our world is being turned into a vast, open, mind controlled semi-slave camp by the powers that be – but it is getting less and less open, and more and more like a prison, and that is what worries me. The heat wave, an inescapable effect of climate change, made me more aware than ever.

The process of stripping humanity of its rights and turning them into slaves is like a sinus wave, it comes and goes, and has done so since the dawn of time: Atlantis was one of the first great civilizations that fell because of it. But with the growth of the new technologies that have been popping up these last ten years or so the implications are far greater and the dangers of real enslavement much bigger.

In the past, after periods where this dark tendency got the upper hand for a while, like in the years after World War Two, the horrors were so glaringly obvious, that people made laws to ensure it would not happen again. This is how the Universal Declaration of Human Rights came into being in 1948. But lately, those basic human rights are under attack – not out in the open, not by breaking the laws in plain view, but insidiously and in a hidden way.

It is a slow process and you have to witness it for a while to see it. It occurred to me that it is just like being in a relationship with an abusive partner: it begins with little put-downs, little restrictions, and step by step, slowly but surely your freedom is stripped away, your self-worth eroded, your power siphoned off – and in between you get little presents to keep you thinking it’s not that bad, he or she will change, they love me anyway – no they don’t. It’s a strategy to keep you docile. To make you stay. So you continue letting yourself be used. You are being hypnotized. That is why people in an abusive relationship don’t realize they are, in fact being used and abused, sometimes for years. Often it has to get very, very bad before they wake up to the reality of their situation.

I believe we as society as a whole are in an abusive relationship – with those that are in positions of power or standing behind them. Big pharma, Big entertainment, Big science, Big corporations. And like in many an abusive relationship, it seems it has to get very bad before enough people wake up to its realities and start taking their freedom back.

Like in an abusive relationship, the one that is hungry for power over you is in truth the weak one. He or she wants to leech off your energy because they are, in themselves, empty. The same goes for corporations and governments. They are nothing without us, human beings.
Because of laws that were put in place by our forefathers and mothers (and some of them died to ensure them), we can still stand up for ourselves backed up by law. But it takes an effort.

1. The first step is to wake up from lethargy, to tear away from the hypnotic effects of technology and tv, from drugs of all kinds and really see what’s going on.

2. The second step is to acknowledge where in your life your freedom is being restricted, eroded, or even being taken away – or that of your children.

3. The third step is to take inspired action. And no, we don’t have to climb the barricades. We can take back our power and freedom in a civilized way.

By not being bullied into giving your child drugs for ‘’mood disorders’’ or so-called ADHD or ADD for instance. By insisting we want to give birth naturally and in an upright position, instead of on our backs drugged up and powerless. By choosing to buy organic as much as we can, or growing our own food. By realizing our true potential, and grow our own businesses instead of letting ourselves be chained to a desk (or a laptop, these days we don’t even get a desk anymore!). By making choices that support and enhance life, instead of poison and restrict it.

There are so many things we can do to slowly but surely, free ourselves emotionally, physically, financially. Just a step at a time – and sometimes by leaps and bounds. It is my opinion that if we do this, we turn the tide.

We can change the world back into a place that sustains human life. It takes effort – inspired effort – but the rewards are huge! We get to live on a beautiful, healthy, living planet that sustains us! We get to be happy, to be healthy, to be free! That is what being human is all about.

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