Oppression of truth before rise of consciousness

FB announced they were deleting “fake accounts” this week…. in its wake, it appears they are also deleting anything that threatens the Big Pharma money flow. Pages dealing with nature, organic food and health, ”alternative” opinion… with thousands of followers… gone. Just like that. It’s shocking. I wonder if it is even legal.

On a spiritual level, how can we look at this? I would like to offer an insight from my practice as a past life therapist. Because every action in the outside world, has its counterpart in the inner world or spiritual world. And everything that happens, can teach us something.

When people are in the thrall of energetic influences from outside, like human entities or non-human parasites, demonic energies and the like, these parasitic life-forms will do anything to go unnoticed. Because when they are noticed, the game is up. Especially when they are detected by someone who knows how to deal with them and help the person release them and free themselves.

The cosmic joke in this strategy, I have always found, is that by creating havoc for the patient trying to stay hidden, they actually reveal themselves, their purpose and their presence. In doing so, they actually hand us the information we need to free ourselves: they reveal their strategy, their nature and ultimately, their purpose.

The same goes for entities and organisations in the outer world.

By strategically deleting or hampering pages and groups that deal with healthy living and raising consciousness, FB is alerting the public to its true nature and purpose. To control people and suppress their growth and consciousness. They are not alone: all Big Corporations do the same – they are in each other’s pocket.

And just like when working with spirit posession, when they clamp down on us it means we are on to something. It means a breakthrough is near. It means we are on the verge of re-empowering ourselves. It means we are nearing a critical number of people growing in consciousness and discovering the truth.

So, as infuriating as this move can be, and as tiresome to set straight its effects, I think we should take heart from this fact and not let ourselves be swayed from our purpose. To seize our right to live a good life, with all the means necessary: healthy food, healty information, healthy relationships. To make empowering choices that will ultimately, be the end for entities that want to sap our strength and light – their influence is waning, and they know it.

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