A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part III

I am honoured to join in the latest blog challenge of Barbara Franken of Me, My magnicifent Self: on Awakening! Thank you Barbara, for inviting me!


What is awakening? When we talk about awakening, I take it to mean awakening to our true selves, our higher Selves. This encompasses so much more than the personality of this lifetime alone. In my experience, it encompasses the entire range of our past, present and future lives, the total, complex and wonderful multi-coloured fabric of our multi-faceted, Multidimensional Being.


So when we talk about the awakening, the Ascension process, what does this mean in the context of our whole Self, our multi-faceted Selves? What does it mean in terms of our experience of who we are, what we are, and how we experience the world around us? To me, it all comes around to healing ourselves, all of our selves so we can manifest the whole of our wonderful, loving, radiant, peaceful, wise true Being on this Earth in this lifetime.


Healing is a process that is occurring all over the world right now. It doesn’t always look like it; both on an individual and a collective level. Old wounds and unhealed hurts are brought to light, in the world at large and in our personal lives. All the darkness that has accumulated over the centuries is being brought to the surface of consciousness and awareness to be acknowledged and healed. I see what is occurring collectively, in the world as a mirror image of what is going on in our individual lives and healing processes.

Darkness and light

In this healing process, that is vital and central to our awakening, everything that was hidden is brought to the surface. Everything. All the pain, the ugliness, the deception, the distortions we encountered in our human existence. That is no small feat. We as human beings have been wounded, abused, manipulated, tricked for centuries – and have been caught in the strife for resources, power, and personal gain, tricking and fighting for our survival ourselves – we have forgotten who we are for a long time.


The Awakening and Ascension process is collective, but at the same time very personal. It can mean many things to many people, depending on their personal goals for this lifetime. In my own personal experience, it means healing all the wounds of the past, in this lifetime and many others, to be able to manifest and express the wisdom I have gained in the whole of all my lifetimes – and bring them out into the open.

The Good, the Bad and the Magnificent

We are not only our current self but also our whole Multidimensional Self and all our lives and existences. This means that many of us not only need to clear the painful wounds of the past and our past selves, but that we can also enjoy the gifts that our existence as beings who have many lives have to offer.

Healing – and gaining so much more

When we heal the wounds of our past selves, the ones we are confronted with in this life because they resonate with who we are right now and want to accomplish,  we gain their wisdom, their experience, their qualities, and the loving bonds they have with our soul mates in all shapes and sizes, in all times: past, present and future.

Soul lovers

For instance, when I heal a past life and sit down in meditation to do the work, both past life regression and theta meditation, I am often pleasantly surprised by the appearance of soul mates of that time that pop up to support me and say hello. Dogs and cats of many shapes and sizes, children, past life lovers, even fairies and elemental spirits – they come to me and I feel their love and support.  I can heal a past life in the Iron Age, go and do the dishes and be surprised by a visit from the spirit of a large Irish Wolfhound in the hallway, gazing at me with loving eyes.

Loving spirits

We do not operate in a vacuum when we heal our multidimensional spirit – we are constantly surrounded and sought out by lovers, friends, pets, kindred spirits unencumbered by boundaries of space and time. The more we heal our selves, the more we are open to their visits and their love – unconditional and boundless. Yes, the awakening can be painful, it can be a lot of work – but it’s all worth it. Isn’t life wonderful?

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5 thoughts on “A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part III

  1. Mooie plaatjes erbij♥♥

    Van: The Company of Spirits Verzonden: dinsdag 23 oktober 2018 23:29 Aan: a.marijs@kpnplanet.nl Onderwerp: [New post] A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part III

    Wendy Gillissen posted: “I am honoured to join in the latest blog challenge of Barbara Franken of Me, My magnicifent Self: on Awakening! Thank you Barbara, for inviting me! Awakening What is awakening? When we talk about awakening, I take it to mean awakening to our true selves, “

  2. I loved this Wendy, and yes it is all about healing our inner selves, going within and finding out who it is we are.

    And yes so agree with you on our multidimensional self. The journey of discovering we are a collective soul with many past lives which have impacted the one we may habit in the now.

    I could so relate to your journey Wendy, It is a painful process, as we uncover many deep layers hidden,

    Thank you for sharing … And yes the effort is well worth it..
    ❤ LOVE and Blessings
    Sue 🙂

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