Connecting to crystals

I have always felt very attracted to rocks, crystals and minerals. I roamed beaches and hilltops for them, I bought them in mineral shops… I filled my house with them. A Capricorn thing, I suppose. Still, even though I felt like living in a glittering crystal cave,  I had a remaining longing concerning crystals that wasn’t satisfied. That is, until I made a shift in my awareness a couple of years ago.

It began when, for the first time, I consciously connected… with the being of the crystal. It may seem like a minor shift perhaps, and an open door to some, but it was a huge one for me. Oooh… I can communicate with the spirit of the crystal! Suddenly, doors opened for me that I had always felt were there. My Melody Stone helped me become aware, and once I noticed them, these doors almost opened for me of their own accord.


Crystals are living beings. Like us, they have bodies, but they are not their bodies. Their true essence is energy and awareness, just like with us. They are energy beings. They are aware. They have personalities. When we see past their form and connect to their being, is when the real fun begins: we can communicate with them!

It’s easy, really. Just sit with a crystal and empty your mind. It sometimes helps to close your eyes so you are not distracted by the visual aspects of its outer form. Just imagine that, like you, this crystal is a living being with a spirit, not confined to or limited by the crystal body. It is a unique being, immortal, with an individual energy signature, a personality, a purpose.

So, to connect with a crystal: just reach out with your heart and senses and feel it. Reach out for it with your mind. Say hello. Ask it a question. It will respond, if you are open to it. And if the crystal is a good match for you – and in the mood. Because, again: like us, crystals are living beings – they aren’t necessarily always in the mood for a meeting – or a party. Be patient and respectful, and soon you will find one responding back to you.

Experience has taught me that different crystals respond in different ways, and some are more chatty than others. Some we have a deep personal connection with, others less so.


For instance, I have an Arkansas self-healed crystal that is a great help for me in connecting to my soul and divine truth in dark times. It is like a bright laser beam, connecting me to Source and Truth. Whenever I feel myself overwhelmed, I take it in my hand, focus my attention on it and it assists me. It reminds me gently that I am not the storm, I AM the eye of the storm. I am not the trauma – I AM light, eternal, divine. It shows me that essentially, I AM a pillar of light and truth, that is my purpose – just like the crystal’s!

© Wendy Gillissen, M.A. 2018
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2 thoughts on “Connecting to crystals

  1. Wow zo mooi, dankjewel hiervoor Wendy! Dit jaar is er voor mij ook een deur geopend om op een dieper niveau te communiceren met deze kristalwezens (wat ergens zooo herkenbaar en normaal voelt, ik heb dit eerder zo gedaan). Er gaat echt een nieuwe wereld open, en je legt het heel mooi uit want het is idd heel ‘simpel’ 😉 😀

    1. Dankjewel Tamara! 🙂 Ja, heerlijk he, zodra je deze kleine shift maakt gaat er echt een hele wereld voor je open… ook met bomen, dieren, de aarde… er valt zoveel te genieten in communicatie zodra je verbinding gaat maken met de ”spirit” achter de vorm! ☺ ♥

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