Nature: the divine architect

I live in a building that is 100+ years old. When it storms, the roof creaks. In winter, the winds make the candles flicker. Needless to say, my electricity bill is through the roof. But I love it.

As a child, I grew up in soulless modern apartment buildings. The walls and floors were cement, the rest was glass and metal. I had nightmares of wandering the stairways and balconies like a ghost. These buildings were devoid of life, of energy, of spirit to me.

As soon as I left home, I opted for old houses. The older, the better. Wood and stone. Flesh and bone. They are alive. They breathe. They have history. They speak to me. I listen.

These buildings were made in a time when man did not only build to make money with as little means as possible. They created homes. These buildings have style. The bannisters are turned oak. The gutters have Edwardian embellishments. They are pretty. They make a person smile as they catch the rain and celebrate life.

Of course, apart from humankind, Nature is the best architect of all. Everything Nature creates is in harmony with the Universe. It is alive. It sustains and supports life, love and spirit.
That is why I love shells. They are the perfect example of Nature instinctively following the Golden Ratio. The spiral that symbolises life, eternal life, rebirth. Protection. The shell as the natural home, in harmony with everything around it. If only we humans always built like that!

© Wendy Gillissen, M.A. 2018
No part of this article may be used without the consent of the author.
Wendy Gillissen, M.A. is a psychologist, certified past life therapist and author of the award winning spiritual adventure ‘Curse of the Tahiéra’. She lives and works in the Netherlands. In her spare time she likes to play the Celtic harp. You can read her blog on The Company of Spirits and follow her on Facebook.

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