The essence of beauty (happy holidays!)

Once again, I was inspired to write a blog post because of a post by Brad of Writing to Freedom: on beauty and how beauty feeds the soul.

I remember lives as an elemental fairy-like being in which beauty was my nourishment. The beauty of Nature, of colour, of texture, of sound and song, of words… they were all food to me.

The light of the sun glistening on a dewdrop, the splendour of a fiery sunset, the colour of a crimson autumn leaf, the silky gleam of cobwebs in the morning light, and the soft touch of apple-green moss were my nourishment.

To this day, I need to surround myself with lovely colours, shapes, sounds and textures to feed my being. Even though I have enough food to nourish my body –  my spirit, fed by my eyes, my ears, my sense of touch need the nourishment of beauty to thrive.

I love the words by Annette from Beauty along the Road Brad quotes: ”Beauty is the unexpected gift of being touched by something pure and truthful.”

Indeed, I feel true beauty isn’t dependent on outward perfection. Beauty can be found in all things: it is the essence of their being that can be seen through their outer form.
That is why I chase rainbows and adore poppies: they have the most etheral and fleeting kind of beauty. They remind me that all beauty, in the end, is the beauty of spirit that shines through all.

For this holiday season, I wish you the essence of beauty in all its manifestations: may you be inspired to connect to your own inner beauty, your spirit, the essence of your being and extend your light outward to all who will receive it!

11 thoughts on “The essence of beauty (happy holidays!)

  1. I’m glad the circle of beauty keeps growing as we inspire each other to be and share more beauty in the world. And I’m touched to be your muse. 🙂 I can really relate to being fed by nature in all her glorious manifestations. Thank you Wendy.

  2. Hi Wendy,
    I could not agree with you more. I am fed by beauty and need it to survive and more importantly thrive. This post is so inspirational to me, thanks for the reminder 🙂

    peace, Linda

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