Infinite possibilities

4A82B10C-1ACE-49E3-9682-C7066AB5DDF7.jpegThere is something so satisfying about a new stash of yarn. Each ball representing infinite possibilities. An abandunce of choice. You can create anything you want with a long single thread. It’s so exiting.

But then, when you make your choice to create a certain thing and work the pattern, the creative energy is set – congealed as it were, in a structure. You create that shawl, that scarf and it’s done.

But… is that constricting? Fortunately, no it isn’t! Because the creative energy behind it is in itself infinite- it exists on the plane of endless and boundless possibilities! So, to create and wear or share or give away one scarf is to enjoy the act of creating and make room for yet more – infinite possibilities!

It reminds me of how the Soul, the Higher Self is infinite and eternal – while our incarnations, as unique manifestations of that Self may seem limited, but are really boundless in their possibilities, connected as they are to that vast expanse of creative eternal energy!

The pictured yarn is Be So Fine pure bamboo by Kristin Omdahl. A survivor of domestic abuse herself, Kristin donates a portion of all sales to Project Kristin Cares for survivors of domestic violence.

© 2019 Wendy Gillissen, M.A.
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