Ascension: making way for the Light

For many people, spirituality and the ascension process are seen as reaching for the Light, a growing towards our greatest potential.

For many lightworkers however, it entails a journey into the darkness of ancient pains and programs, of digging through layers of trauma and the associated restricting beliefs that hamper our being who we truly are: cosmic beings of light.

When we dig through the deepest layers of subconscious dirt that have built op for centuries, regain consciousness of who we truly are, heal and regain the soul fragments that were lost in confusion, we make way for our light.

All we finally have to do is stand tall, Being our True Being, radiating light and cosmic consciousness in all directions.

© Wendy Gillissen, M.A. 2019

One thought on “Ascension: making way for the Light

  1. I can rise in the morning,
    And see the Midnight Star,
    I can lift myself above,
    The Illusions that these are,
    And if this is only poetry,
    Then Life is just a rhyme,’
    And I’ll see you sitting once again,
    On the Edge of Space and Time…


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