What do you choose to be infected by – fear or love?

Fear is contagious – so is love.

We humans are social beings. Consciously or, most often subconsciously, we take on one another’s feelings, emotions, thoughts and energy and make them our ‘’reality’’.

This is especially true for those of us who are sensitive.

It is even more true for those of us who are still partly unconscious or not wholly awakened, vulnerable, fearful, or in a state of shock.

In a world where we are being bombarded by fear and anger- inspiring messages, we need to take special care what we give our attention to, what we let ourselves incited to – and what we take on board.

Behaviour is infectious. Just think about someone letting out a big yawn. Or someone having an infectious laugh. It is much the same for feelings and energy.

Low-frequency emotions and energies like fear, anger, despair, hopelessness are infectious. Luckily, so are high-frequency feelings such as love, compassion, and joy.

It goes without saying that we need to take care of our health, adopt reasonable safety measures in times of extra risk and not expose those who are vulnerable to dis-ease such as the corona flu virus.

It is equally important to take care of our emotional, psychological and spiritual health so we don’t infect ourselves and others with low-frequency emotions, energies, and viewpoints – because they are detrimental to our health and the reality we manifest for ourselves.

I see friends on the internet arguing in favour of fear and mass hysteria, and wondering why they would. Letting yourself be led by fear, inciting and inviting fear and spreading it is NOT the same as being careful. It is not the same as being prudent.

Sometimes people entertain the belief, that is necessary to be afraid to be on guard and therefore safe. But to focus on that which you do NOT want to happen, will make it MORE likely to be manifested in your reality.

It is always the better choice to focus on what you DO want in your reality – without being naive or blind to any REAL danger in your vicinity.

Yes, it might seem like a juggling act, to be both prudent and informed, and joyfully focus on what you DO want – that it is why it is called Mastery!

We have a choice what we let ourselves be infected – or inspired by. We can choose the reality we create. What do you choose to focus on? What do you choose to create – a world based on fear, or a reality rooted in love and joy?

© Wendy Gillissen, M.A. 2020
Practice for Past life Therapy

One thought on “What do you choose to be infected by – fear or love?

  1. I understand totally this aspect of nature and if not careful I can easily too fall prey to those pitfalls of Feeling and sensing other peoples emotions… Learning to step back and view and observe from all angles is not always easy… ( Even some of my own family members are very hard to reach as they are too deeply programmed into their own reality ) So while I have tried, I let them alone now to make their own choice, the choices are each of us to make.. That’s how we learn and progress…
    And we need contrasts to learn also… within our dualistic nature here within the material world.
    So many are lapping up the fear not understanding what we think is what we create…

    I step back often within my garden shell, to detach and clear my own energy.. Nature rejuvenates us and heals… And when people learn the Breath…. and HOW to breathe, it follows through to calm our centres…
    When we connect back to our hearts, and the love within….

    Many thanks Wendy….. Your post was a therapy session all by itself for me..
    Thank YOU
    💖🙏 Much love… ❤

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