Scientific reasoning instead of scare tactics. A must-see

Unfortunately, the video has been censored by Youtube. Apparently, any opinion other than the party line is now subject to censorship.

But when you search for ”dr. Erickson covid-19 briefing”, you may still find it on alternate channels.

11 thoughts on “Scientific reasoning instead of scare tactics. A must-see

  1. While I think their is a virus, I feel its no pandemic but more a planned demic… for other motives..
    Another Dr for you and a link to his thinking is He asks us to Wake UP to what is really going on..
    Kudos to you dear Wendy..
    Today I am back in WP and your post was the first to jump up… I just watched the excellent video…
    Many thanks dear friend… I too am formulating my next post ❤

    1. Thanks dear Sue! ♥ Yes, I agree: I think this virus has been hijjacked by those who would benefit from creating a world where people are stripped from civil liberties, freedom and fundamental rights…. it amazes me how quickly people are coaxed by fear tactics, sentimentality and false images to give up their freedom and their rights! I’m glad you’re back!!! Let’s bring some sanity to this insane ”sanity” – locking up an entire world to ”protect” the vulerable – while they have been left in the lurch by bleeding health care services dry… there’s one of the REAL problems! ♥

      1. Agree with you totally Wendy… I feel like even my brower today is in on this lol.. As you would not believe the difficulties I have had trying to log in and strange things happening that I have had to switch browers to even get onto my Blog.. Very weird… ❤ But the Truth needs speaking and this is why we are here… I have spent the best part of the afternoon running scans and things on my PC… All since a Windows new Update when I logged back into my computer… But we keep on keeping on my friend.. ❤ Thank YOU for sharing that excellent video I shared via my phone to several people… ❤

  2. I was able to share with family and friends Wendy before it was taken down… For more uncensored videos on this very subject.. Look up LondonRealTV… and Brian Rose.. I am not on Twitter but he can be found there.. But if you type into your search engine London Real TV Dr Kaufman, a very sound interview.. His independent platform recently formed due to his YouTube vids being taken down and his FB account being cancelled because he is interviewing people who are speaking truth.. You can sign up for free, Lots of interesting interviews put there…. Share with your friends.. This message Needs to get out there…
    love and Hugs my friend and thank YOU…

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