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Me-My-Magnificent-Self-e1440834211828When I was invited by the lovely Barbara to share my vision of a new Earth, I found I was immediately thinking in polar opposites. The ‘’twisted now’’ v the ‘’true expression’’ of values.

So I wondered: Is that a bad thing? I guess not; we came here in the playing field of opposites, as souls from the eternal bliss of Source, the Unity consciousness, to experience, to play, learn and grow. So I will write from what I feel has become the ‘’normal’’ in our society to what I strife for and feel is essential to the New Earth: the true expression of our fundamental human and divine nature…
Read my guest blog on Barbara’s blog Me, My Magnificent Self!

©2020 Wendy Gillissen

IAM delighted to welcome back here today our Guest Blogger and Author, the Magnificent Wendy Gillissen. IAM sure some of you will remember our Divine sister is a great mystical and magical lady, who is always excited to join others who share her passion for love, mystery and magic! My friends, you are in for…

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