”Fear is a great way to control people.”

A brave scientist speaks up. The video has been banned from youtube – even though she and other scientists like her only voice scientific reasoning and human concern.

Watch the short documentary here.

5 thoughts on “”Fear is a great way to control people.”

  1. It’s hard to know the truth. I got caught up in this and some other alternative views. But after more research, it seems this video is mostly false. I can certainly believe our governments and drug companies are manipulated for the good of powerful people, but it seems she is spreading false information. Take care Wendy.

    1. It is hard to know the truth indeed these days… I think the challenge is to practice common sense and listen to our hearts. Apart from the story of this video, a lot of what scientists labeled as alternative makes sense: you cannot control a virus or protect a population by sequestering them, limiting their exposure to each other, to nature… isolation and fear are detrimental to mental and physical health… so regardless of the stories, I practice what sanity tells me. I go out, I pet dogs, I am not afraid to be out and about… I do take into account the guidelines of the Dutch disease control office for the safety of others, but I keep feeling there is a whole other agenda at play here. Civil liberties are being eroded quickly,, fear is isolating and dividing people and it makes no scientific sense at all… But I do agree, keep using your own mind, keep checking the information that is being spread from any source. That is probably the most important lesson here. Be well, Brad ♥

      1. Thanks Wendy. I’d agree that there are manipulation, hidden agendas, and loss of freedoms. Keys will be following our own guidance, compassion, and keeping anchored in love.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    I believe the scientist has been discredited
    and that’s why the video is being deleted.
    Please be careful before promoting it. The
    US is swamped with misinformation and
    a president who makes things worse at every turn.

    Thank you!

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Hi Priscilla, thanks for your feedback. It is increasinly difficult to assess what information is legit or not these days. I would advise anyone to observe and use their own discernment, listen to their own hearts and minds. It is not dangerous to share opinions if we are free to think for ourselves. I do agree the US president is making a botch job of if from the get go by the way 😉 Thanks and have a lovely weekend! Wendy

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