Regaining our humanity

Since ancient times shadow powers have been actively trying to disempower and enslave humanity by alienating her from herself.

It has been going on for hundreds, for thousands of years. Slowly but surely.

The shadow side of religion has played its part in it by drilling beliefs into people from birth onwards that being human is somehow bad. That to have feelings is bad. To have a body is bad. That to be a sexual being is bad. To think for yourself is even worse.

School systems have played theirs by insisting children should fit into a mold to be “good” and grow into “productive” members of society. That they should not strive to be unique individuals, that they should not follow their instincts and listen to their intuition.

They should not use their own minds and adopt critical thinking. Instead, they should be docile and simply swallow the ideas and version of reality of others without question. All this to fit into a pre-fabricated version of human society.

Steadily, all that was natural was being replaced by synthetic alternatives. Food. Medicine. Entertainment. Communication. Even the body and its depictions of it.

All seemed to be designed to have humans believe they should be the ideal robot. Perfect, unchanging, synthetic, devoid of will, emotion, and disconnected from the very real and raw side of nature: feelings. Aging. Real, unfettered joy. Real sensuality and sexuality. Age. Death. Birth.

But also disconnected from the spiritual reality of the eternal soul. Of the world of dreams, the different dimensions of being, the realms that exist beyond the purely material one, even of Source.

Smartphones seemed like a fun idea at the time, but many apps were designed not to connect and entertain but to addict and distract. They served to alienate people not only from themselves but from the world under their feet and the people right under their noses. Technology that should be designed to serve humanity and enhance her experience was designed to alienate her from herself.

These last six months, it seems those alienating forces have been redoubling, tripling, quadrupling their efforts to ensnare humanity by using fear tactics, inducing shock, promoting disconnecting, and polarisation. Simultaneously, the ripples of enlightened consciousness have been growing as well. Many are growing in consciousness and wanting to regain their humanity, their sovereignty, their right to live as they see fit.

Consciously regaining and reclaiming our humanity and human rights seems the only way forward. The right to live the full range of experiences we humans are capable of, bridging earth and heaven.

The right to our human nature: by having access to real food, to let our bodies follow their natural instincts, to use natural remedies that promote equilibrium and healing instead of synthetic ones that harm while promoting cure.

Reclaiming for ourselves our humanity by accessing, experiencing, and processing the full spectrum of emotions from raw anger to exalted joy.

Reclaiming the sacredness of our bodies, whatever their age, race, weight, and proportions. Reclaiming our beauty and uniqueness. Once again appreciating the soft touch, the loving hands, the tell-tale wrinkles that speak of joy, sorrow, and wisdom.

Reconnecting to the earth by eating natural whole foods and recharging and realigning ourselves with the earth through their energy.

Reconnecting to each other by respectful and joyous touch, closeness, and exuberant laughter without shame, distancing, or fear.

There are countless other ways I haven’t mentioned that allow us to reclaim our humanity, our power, our sovereignty as earthly human AND eternal divine beings. How will you claim yours today?


© Wendy Gillissen, M.A.
Practice for Past Life Therapy

9 thoughts on “Regaining our humanity

      1. I do not know why I miss most of your posts and my friend’s blog in Finnish goes straight to Google translate. I guess I was meant to read this one. ❤

  1. Thank you Wendy for writing this clear, concise, and compelling post. I’ve been getting dragged down on Facebook trying to encourage people to wake up and see the games being played. But all I accomplished was more polarization and drama. Thank you for expressing it in a more loving, holistic way. To reclaiming our humanity, sovereignty, and power.

    1. Thank you so much Brad! I am glad it inspired you. I was suddenly compelled to write this last night – trying to see it from a bird’s eye view across the ages, and holding the vision of what we as humans stand to lose… our most precious self and the right to BE and express it!

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