A healing crisis

When I have once again let myself be carried away by the disturbing developments on earth and in politics, I take a moment to meditate. I go up, in connection with the Source and look from the perspective of the Source.

What I see is a very large cloud of darkness permeating the earth with twinkling lights of consciousness, of budding awareness of truth interspersing. Those lights connect and get bigger and bigger. The dark seems old, older than humanity and its coming out is more like a purge, a discharge.

I realize this is a healing crisis. Just like in homeopathy, natural medicine and energetic healing, there is often a healing crisis. That means that the symptoms get worse first, because all the old stuff has to get out. The system must be purified.

All attempts by the dark to maintain its grip only cause the awareness to grow faster and the lights to multiply and shine even harder. And the more dark is being brought in to be purified, both individually and collectively.

We are clearing collectively, becoming aware, and cleaning up even more. It is a purging process as part of healing on a massive scale. It’s good the way it is.

Keep going… keep your frequency high… keep smiling, communicating, singing, dancing, telling your truth… keep making contact, open your heart, connect… keep playing, creating, healing…

And no matter what happens, always realize you are an eternal divine being … at your core is your God Spark, your Eternal Self, the part of you that can NEVER be caged or destroyed ♥

© Wendy Gillissen, M.A. 2020

15 thoughts on “A healing crisis

  1. Thanks so much Brad… yes me too. It’s hard to keep my frequency high and my hopes up sometimes, especially when the dark is getting frantic in its attempts at domination and control. Meditating on Source’s perspective helps… laughter, too ♥ Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I agree, so much being brought up to be cleared out dear Wendy, and I am all for holding even all those dark hearts in the light of love, for their darkness only shows the lack of light..
    So much is happening right now, and people have no clue as to the hidden agenda of that portion who are losing their grip….
    I have held love, send love and try to always share positivity… I can only follow what my own intuitive conscience is telling me, as this tyranny is affecting the mass’s which could be huge genocide..
    I know I cannot be caged or destroyed, but so many do not. ❤
    Sending Love and Huge hugs ❤

    1. Thank you dear Sue, yes it is an intense challenge at this time to hold the light and not waver, not bow down because of fear or get inflamed by anger, to keep our flames steady in the wind… A huge challenge. I feel there is only one thing to do and that is to go on, and spread light and truth, laughter and love wherever I can… and sometimes have a little tantrum in private to blow off steam 😉 There is only one way and that is forward ♥ Lots of love and big hugs!! ♥

      1. Indeed it is Wendy, holding light, sending love, even though inside somedays I feel the tears, and like every other human the frustration of know what we know and seeing those who have no clue… I like you follow my intuition… My family not all in agreement with me… And trying to explain I seem as if I have two heads!…. But these challenges are lessons upon our path, And Oh I have many little ‘Tantrums’ to myself and beat my pillow in frustration, just to let out all of those pent up emotions…. Some days are easier than others…
        Yet I found myself often being the councillor, listening to neighbours, friends, etc… I plant the odd seeds, I test the waters and and I often challenge them to where did they find their evidence, as they challenge me to where do I find theres… There in lies the stale mate…
        I composed a letter to my Member of Parliment today in which I have challenged him to present evidence… As I looked on the Gov Website to find statistics of deaths in previous years.. This in NOT a Pandemic… or it would be triple and quadruple .. Argh well dear Wendy… I speak to the converted here on WP and for those of us who have our Spirit guides as friends, I turn more frequently to them seeking guidance, trusting where I am led….
        Onward and Forward for sure dear Wendy…
        Love and Lots of Hugs right back my friend… ❤ ❤ ❤

      2. Oh I so know what you mean, my sofa pillows have seen many a beating… And I have used up a lot of tissues of late! I have written to my dentist, my grocer, my harp builder who suddenly wanted me to wear a mask (I will not), and talk to any-one I can. I also find that for some people I meet, who are also awake, that they seem comforted and strengthened when I meet them without flinching or stepping away, showing my face and also verbally confirm what I feel they think and feel as well. So I do that where I can. We all do what we can in our own way, to enlighten en strengthen and comfort whenever we can… every little bit helps! Onwards and forwards dear friend! Lots of hugs and love! ♥♥♥

      3. Likewise.. I refuse to wear one too Wendy, and I told my hair-dresser so… So my stylist fits me in now at the end of the day .. Though I overlapped some clients the other day whose looks could kill…. I also refused to signing the track and trace…
        My stylist turned a blind eye to this,, Though she did tell me that now as from two weeks ago the government are checking papers so I will have to sign… I said sorry then I will no longer be coming to get my hair cut.. I will do it myself.. As I cut my hubby’s hair, always have since we got married… I do not consent to any of this BS…. Control…
        And yes… Tears,,, I am with your there Wendy…. My Son drives on public transport is made to drive some days nearly a twelve hour shift wearing a mask…. Needless to say he has to comply or its his job.. this is how they are getting people… Next it will be the ( injection ) or you lose your job… Sigh….
        This is how they do it in increments.. bit by bit…. until people don’t realise they have no freedoms at all.. ❤
        Sending Love your way Wendy as we hang on in and Do what we can do…. And yes, Every little bit helps ❤

      4. Oh my goodness 12 hours, I am so sorry for your son… Yes this is how they do it. Here in the Netherlands masks had been ”mandatory” in public transport only, but a few days ago they begin upping the ante and now grocery stores, dentists, doctors, hair dressers and the like are scared into enforcing the ”rules” – they are against the constitution, but next Thursday there will be a vote on a law that will effectively bypass Parliament and give all power to 3 ministerss – of course, those who are the biggest enforcers. So I fear we will go the same way as the US and UK… very soon. I watched QI last week, an episode with a question about the French Revolution… it is historical fact that only when the taxes on bread were raised AGAIN, that a spark was ignited in the women who sold it and people rose up. I am still hoping for a peaceful resolution, and wonder: what spark will people in these times need to finally wake up and rise? ♥ Ah, it’s lovely to talk to you anyway, so glad you’re back and writing! Lots of love! ♥

      5. No Laws to go to vote here Wendy, these rules have been in place since the 23rd July here for Masks in shops, eating places, hair salons etc, pubs, banks mandatory.. It was just public transport before… This is how they do it….
        I too am hoping a peaceful solution, but the push back if it comes…. So many I see now are dobbing in neighbours as we are not allowed any more than 6 in one household… No gatherings more than six…. Makes me smile the numerology is so obvious.. Two metre apart is 6 ft nearly six inches… and this has been now set for six people for six months.. Lol… 666…. ring any bells ??? lol…. Maybe it will be their ritual codes that will help bring them down…. And yes… So agree with what you say.. ❤

      6. Hehe it’s the same when I work with clients who have attachments of negative energies – they ALWAYS betray their presence. And then we can release them, because we then know they are there, we can discover what they are, what they do and how they do it. It’s funny, really. But often, first the client will need to heal the gap where the entity gained entrance in the first place… regain consciousness, heal old shock and trauma and regain themselves. and their power.. same for humanity at large, I think! ☺♥

      7. yes I totally get that…. I feel humanity has to face its own deep night of the soul to shock it into action in some ways.. I will give you a for instance of insanity here.. A Burger selling establishment took an order of a burger before 10pm. Now new rules are a curfew on Pubs and restaurants at 10pm…. The burger got passed to the customer at 10:04…. And obviously someone was watching as the establishment got a fine of 1,000…. Individuals here can be fined, for not wearing masks now too… and each time caught the fine get increased.. This is not about a virus anymore… Its always been about control… ❤

      8. It’s the same here… people selling each other out, or finally feeling they have some ”power” to tell others what to do… ”keep your distance”… it’s nauseating. I guess purging always is… the dark has to come to light and it’s not pretty…. It is not about a virus, never has been, I felt it in my gut in January. It is about power and control ♥

      9. Still here, lol…. and yes it brings out the ego’s of power in many… I have seen many little tyrant rise through the ranks of our supermarket lately…. And yes control and a collapse of economy to feather the nest of banks which were about to totally collapse.. Now everyone is offered money left right and centre…( Get back in debt, you slaves.. ) you have no right to be striving to own a small business.. So many now closed their doors here for good… The Cineworld chain now closing many and making lots of people redundant out of work among but a few..
        Also a leaked document alleging no lockdowns in wealthy areas! from a government source… I have yet to investigate that one…
        Have a great week ahead Wendy and thank you once again ❤

      10. Lol thought you would be sleeping by now 😄 Yes that’s what it is about… sad and infuriating!
        Must not get too mad or I won’t sleep again hehe… good night sleep tight dear Sue! 😴 💖

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