Different states of being

Personal level: ”Jesus Christ, the world is being destroyed by fascists”

Psychological level: ”We have been asleep and elected a government of narcissists and sociopaths, we must see through their tricks and wake up, and free ourselves from them as a people”

Spiritual level: ” Gosh, interesting, humanity is entering a phase in which, after thousands of years, it gets the opportunity to evolve en masse to a higher level of consciousness”

Source: ”Wonderful, that process in which more and more consciousness shimmers and grows between the darkness being purged and made conscious”

I switch between these states of being about three times a day … and you? 😉💖

© Wendy Gillissen, M.A.

8 thoughts on “Different states of being

  1. So, so with you there Wendy…. All the time I switch… One minute I think its for our collective good.. the next I think not enough are waking up and want to scream at everyone to see what is occurring… The next I think its all a divine plan… And the next moment still I see the way of the world feeling its never going to wake up, as AI gets its foothold even deeper..
    I have to often speak to myself…. Step back, breathe deep and remember through all of it.. I chose to be here… So I will just have to choose what feels right with me, and follow my own divine intuition… And see where it takes us.. 🙂

    Love and Blessings Wendy.. ❤ So on your page.. ❤

  2. Dear Wendy, I so resonate with all these different feelings coming through… some days I act godly, sometimes not and I must remember that it’s all me, that everything is well and to breathe it all through my body and move on observing the world make this amazing transformation❤️ exciting times🥰 sending love to you x

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