Balancing realities

When we are just awakening, or even when we have been awake for a long time, navigating the current situation in the world can feel like a challenge. How can we observe what’s really going on in the world, and STILL manifest the reality we want without either losing oneself in despair or disappearing in denial and wishful thinking?

The important thing is to stay in the eye of the storm. To stay in the centre of clearly seeing what IS without fear or anger, and manifesting what we truly WANT through joy and inspired action. It’s a bit like being a tightrope acrobat. In the beginning staying in balance may be difficult, but it gets easier with practice.

Now, what if we notice being pulled off-balance time and again by fear, anger, psychosomatic problems or even illness? That might indicate we are still carrying baggage from this life, past lives, or even the primal trauma.

One might notice staying in balance takes much more effort and energy. We may feel pushed or pulled off-centre by negative or pain and fear-based beliefs and feelings that are so deeply ingrained that simply focusing on something higher does not work. Our bodies might pull us back by trying to get your attention with aches and pains, or even illness: ‘’Hey, there are old wounds you need to address!’’

We might have energy attachments or implants, hypnotic programmes, spirit attachments or energy parasites of one kind or another. They are more common than one might think.

In that case any form of therapy, meditation or healing that assists in addressing, making conscious, and healing those old wounds will be useful. That way we can release energetic parasites and negative programs and download the ones we want.

Then, we can still see what reality others are creating without being pulled into it by anger or fear. We can manifest the reality we want without feeling guilty or fearful.

Without the baggage, walking the tightrope is much easier. Better still, it won’t feel like a tightrope at all… we might even start to dance!  

© Wendy Gillissen, M.A.
Practice for Past life Therapy

Image by Randy Rodriguez from Pixabay

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