The collective healing crisis

Many healing modalities use the term “healing crisis”. That means that as you go through a process of transformation and healing, there is a period when everything seems to get worse at first.

All unresolved pain and trauma emerges to be seen, awakened and healed. All toxins are released and have to get out of your system. As a result, you often feel quite miserable for a while during your transformation process.

And this process often goes up in a repeating spiral motion, layer by layer, until all layers have become conscious and healed. This is nothing to worry about, this is just how it works.

The world is currently going through a similar process. All ugliness, all corruption, all poison, all lies, wrongdoing and false gods come to and into the light. In addition, just like when you are going to withdraw from a destructive relationship, they make one last desperate attempt to hold on to power and keep you under control.

As in my own profession, regression therapy, where I often deal with attached energetic presences that seek destruction, you see the “evil” betraying itself, its own presence and trickery. The more light is shed on it, the more beings who walk the dark path betray themselves in their efforts to maintain control over people.

But once seen, the game is over. When the truth comes to light, it is only a matter of time before man chooses to fully take back his autonomy and sovereignty. And that is the purpose of the game: that we as people who choose the light, take all the steps necessary to fully stand in our light and our truth. Without fear. No doubt. Without guilt. Free and fully imbued with our divinity, connected to our eternal soul self, and the Source of which we are an integral part.

Nothing can harm us in this connection. Nothing could ever really hurt us: that was an illusion. We ARE Source. We ARE the All. We return to our Self as conscious co-creators. It’s just a matter of time…

© Wendy Gillissen, M.A. 2020


4 thoughts on “The collective healing crisis

  1. Thank you Wendy, I went through 7 years of ‘dark night of the soul’ it’s been hell. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, even now I question the source of all this information, even now I question my ‘gifts’ but at least I am trusting myself more, I can no longer read fundamental Christians about demonic influence etc. I have just settled for they maybe right, but I just can’t fear that anymore. I am who I am , I just can’t fight it anymore, I have exhausted myself .

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