Healing the Shadow

A few years ago it was undoubtedly a precursor to and part of the great awakening of humanity: the increasing awareness of the frequent occurrence of abuse, narcissism and sociopathy. More and more people became aware of how many authority figures in their family line, relatives and partners, how many bosses, managers, leaders show narcissistic traits or even fall under the heading of ” narcissist ” and even ” sociopath ” or ” psychopath ”.

These people are empty inside and psychologically extremely damaged. They often have an underdeveloped or absent conscience. They have often turned away from Source long ago, trying to feed their empty selves with the energy of other people. For example, by cheating, scaring, using, abusing, etc.

And then, in 2020, the plan of the greatest psychopaths behind the scenes accelerates – the shadow making a final grab to quench the light of awakening. It requires all of us to see through the last illusions. To face and heal the most disempowering programming.

It is not an easy process, facing the dark. It involves steps. It cannot be done in one go. Then it would be too shocking to consciousness. I myself went through a similar process when, after his death, I found out that behind his facade of the benevolent, timid man, my father was a hidden narcissist and psychopath.

As a result, I was able to experience for myself what that process entails and what it requires from you. I now see these steps happening both individually and collectively.

First there is disbelief. When the facade you believed in starts to peel off more and more, and the true face of the sociopath emerges. It’s astonishing. Your whole life will be turned upside down. It leads to cognitive dissonance. “This can’t be true.” “This is literally unbelievable.”

Then, as the evidence piles up and the pain that has been hidden for years becomes palpable, you can’t help but face the truth little by little. When you start to feel the pain, you cannot ignore it. Only when the pain of the abuse is felt, there is an impulse to seek a cure. “It really is true.” “Damn, it really is.”

But the shock and the pain, the confusion, the forced programming, illusions and imprints all need to be faced and released. Your own truth and strength must be retrieved. That is a process. Most people really need a helping hand with that.

Then comes the phase where you can put your own truth and true self more powerfully – without fear. Without confusion. Without guilt. That too comes with steps. Every time you step into your power, an old belief can be triggered by something in the world that still confirms your old programming. That in turn is an opportunity to discover and heal another piece of the puzzle.

This flows into the phase in which you will increasingly create your world and experiences based on your new, healthy beliefs, your healed parts of self, your soul, your True Being. More and more placing your light from feeling, knowing and experiencing that you are not only in connection with Source, you ARE Source.

You can observe this process both individually and collectively. More and more people are being prompted by the increasing amount of light to reveal and heal their shadows. More and more people are being challenged to drop their illusions and stand in the power of their truth. It is a painful, beautiful, intense, exhausting, challenging, and ultimately liberating process.

And seeing it as a process, you can increasingly let go of the despair, the fear, the frustration as you see the manifestations of centuries of oppression, horror and obscenity. It must be seen to be transformed. It’s part of the process. It was already there. When the shadow is fully brought to light, both individually and collectively, we can create the new world out of love, truth, and joy rather than ruled by lies, shame, and fear.

The cosmic clock is well on schedule!

© Wendy Gillissen, M.A.

One thought on “Healing the Shadow

  1. It is indeed an amazing journey, roller coaster ride is more like it, violently pitching up and down and being thrown around sharp corners…When you can stand outside and just witness it all occurring, it is thrilling despite great tension and angst at times. A powerful time to learn the lost art of trusting and believing. We are being blessed to be allowed to witness humanities shift in consciousness as it unfolds. A true test of ones patience. Thanks….VK

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