Build back true

The plan of the dark side that I see unfolding, I have experienced many times, in various lives and cultures. But in essence it is always the same.

Take advantage of the fears of a population.
Traumatize the people so that they are susceptible to hypnosis, to all kinds of imprinting. To the Narrative the dark side of polarity wants to instil, the illusion with which the population is brought into fear psychosis.

Manipulate the media to empower the story. Use the fear of death, illness, loss, and the resulting narrowing of consciousness to seize power and enforce dictatorship.

In doing so, make another agency the big bad guy: that could be a nation, a religious group, a disease, plus those who can see the truth and don’t go along with the story. Make this the shadow bearer, the projection screen on which the population projects all the fears that have arisen.

Implement measures that keep the population weakened, squeezed out, depressed, totally impoverished – under the guise of protecting against that shadow bearer.

Come up with The Great Solution: the dictatorial state. Build back better. Everyone traumatized, sick, weak, depressed, dependant on the ruler. The magic tools against the Great Disease with which the rulers experiments and weaken or decimate the population actually make them sick, but the Great Disease is also blamed for this. The population is brought to total dependency by this “protection” and is drained energetically, physically and psychologically by a small elite.

Et voilà!

It’s 1984.


These kinds of plans are devised by psychopaths. They are performed by psychopaths, opportunists and fearful followers. And there is one thing they don’t take into account in their plan. And that’s what they don’t know themselves, because they don’t have it. That is what they do not understand, because it is not what they are in themselves. What they cannot factor in is everything that makes us human and more: that which makes our true divine Self.

True love and loyalty. Psychopaths only know false sentiment; they see true love as weakness and dependence. But true love makes us heroes who stand up for our children, friends, and neighbors, where even self-preservation has to give way. True love is above the fear of death. True love for life itself keeps us out of fear, because love rises above fear.

True spirituality. Psychopaths can use intuition, clairvoyance, all extrasensory faculties. But they don’t know true spirituality. Spirituality, to them is illusion, fake, and a lot of it out there actually is.
But true spirituality is the connection with Source, with Oneness, the ability to elevate our thinking and experience above duality, and to act from don-duality. Connecting us to the knowledge that we are eternal beings, and thus rise above fear, anger, the fight-or flight response. Being able to perceive detached and lovingly. But also: being able to unmask and perceive the dark without fear, without judgment, without anger and with understanding – in order to be able to meet it with our Light.

True creativity. Psychopaths don’t create. They can only copy, manipulate, steal. That is why they are often obsessed with the idea of ​​control over human reproduction, genetic engineering, the power over man and nature. True creativity, however, ensures that people can find creative and alternative ways to establish their true selves, apply the Law of Attraction and own their freedom. Think alternative media, alternative ways of meeting, alternative and original ways of making a living that are totally independent of the system.

Psychopaths don’t think creatively, so they think they can play all humans like Pavlov’s dog and hypnotize humanity like victims of a stage hypnotist. And for people who are still unconscious or in fear, that is truly the case.

But many people are awake, or are awakening, and cannot be manipulated with the fear of illness, the fear of death and loss, the fear of tyranny and violence, through trauma. They take responsibility and heal their trauma. They step into their power and the power of their True Self.

And if you stay out of fear, stand in love, observe with a clear vision, consciously create what you want to see for the good of the whole, then you cannot be manipulated by psychopaths and tyrants. Then you are free.

As a tyrant said, “We are not dictators. This stops when you say no.” They know. We know. At least, more and more of us know. We determine our reality. We determine where tyranny ends and freedom begins. And it is precisely the unnatural actions of the dark polarity that propel the process of awareness and consciousness growth in the direction of the light.

Tyranny ends and freedom begins where we free ourselves from fear. When we take responsibility, work on our old traumas, manifest our true divine selves and realize that we are creative eternal beings. That we are creators. That we can create a world from our true selves, from true love, creativity and joy. And for many of us that moment is now.

© Wendy Gillissen, M.A. 2021

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5 thoughts on “Build back true

  1. Oh so true….The brainwashing has been quite extensive and it is tough getting people separated from it all…Hopefully the more that gets exposed, the more they see, the more they will believe. I hope! No point in living in their crazed world, stay within your own reality and paint it with inspiring colors and create a safe place to let go of fear and welcome love into your hearts and minds. Leave the bitter, hate filled life behind with the psychopaths and rejoice in being who you really are, doing what you really want to do, being who you really want to be, not who you have been told to be…Thanks for sharing Wendy. Well said! VK ❤

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