The Battle for Attention

In this day and age, when the last convulsions of the Piscean Age are being felt, when the old twisted energy of Pisces: illusion and corruption plays a big role, it’s all about marketing and attention.

Attention is time. Attention is money. Attention is energy. Attention is the most important tool for creating your reality and manifesting what you want… or don’t want.

The battle for our attention has reached its peak. Everything revolves around the existing or non-existent mutating creature, or the rise of dictatorship. One or the other. Pro or con. Left or right.

It is one big marketing program with as currency: attention. As long as your attention is focused there – and not on what you do want to manifest, what makes you happy.

What strikes me is that exactly the same game is being played here on a collective level, as occurs in families with a narcissistic parent. All attention must be on the narcissist, willingly or unwillingly. One way or another.

Either the narcissist is pathetic, or he is the best. He or she doesn’t care – as long as all eyes are on them. So take another bizarre measure, make up a contradictory brain-twisting story – turn on the gaslight – anything to keep you busy – with them.

And the thing in which you should not get caught up, is the fight against the narcissist. It’s like fighting a sticky octopus, or a ghost. It is a fight you are never going to win. The purpose of the narcissist is that you keep your attention on him. Because that gives him energy. He himself is essentially empty. So your struggle gives him energy.

That is why I stopped following the Story and the Anti-story. I don’t read the messages anymore. I’m not going to watch the next show anymore. I tore up all the tickets to the Show and threw them away. Just like the invitations for the jab.

Of course I need to know what the “rules” are as they change day by day so I know where I stand. So that I can adjust my decisions. So that I can let my energy flow in the best way and bring it out into the world.

If you don’t want to get caught up in the narcissist’s nets, you need to be nimble. One time move along, the other time swim the other way. And sometimes make a point or take a stand. It changes moment by moment. Think of it as Aikido.

I have decided to take my attention away from The Story and all the marketing around it and to focus as much as possible on what I do want to create. On my own story. Then, the narcissist’s temper tantrums are just background noise. Every now and then I check what he is yelling– so I know where I stand. And then I ignore him. I write my own story. What story are you writing?

© drs. Wendy Gillissen, 2021

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