Why I don’t write fantasy

When I felt the call of my soul to start writing, I had to find a niche for my books to fit in. That’s how it works in the world of books. They need to be labeled. So, because they are adventurous stories, I ended up naming them fantasy. I wanted to have the freedom not to have to research historical details. Because in fact, they are the real stories of my past lives.
This way I didn’t have to dive into dusty archives—er, do boring internet searches.

Fantasy has the reputation of being a genre for escapism. A way to escape reality. But in this case, nothing could be further from the truth. What I write is not a story to retreat into. In fact, the story I write can bring you more into connection with life, with the authentic experience of existence… and with the eternal questions we are all confronted with.

Who am I? Why am I here? How do I deal with the contradictions of good and evil, love and fear? How do I deal with my own fears? And how do I face those parts of myself that I’ve hidden away because they were connected to pain, shame, or fear? How do I deal with my own shadow? Where do I find the courage to confront it?

And what do I do when I am confronted with injustice, with corruption, the twisted wielding of power, the ”right of might”, manipulation and dark magic, the twisted male or female energies?

How are my inner feminine and masculine energies balanced? Can I love the face in the mirror, or are there still parts of myself that I can’t face, parts of myself that I don’t want to know? What do I need to face them with compassion and courage?

And what do I do when I am confronted with injustice, circumstances beyond my control, or the threat to everything that is dear to me (a current topic, especially now)? What is true courage? How do I find my own inner spiritual warrior?

I write from the inspiration of my soul, it’s more channeling than anything else. Everything comes from my Higher Being and directly through my heart. The soul wants to bring experiences that are not easy, but make us oh so human into the world in the form of exciting stories full of adventure, love, wisdom and hope. Nevertheless, once or twice I have received an angry reaction to my books – then they apparently touched a sensitive spot.

Fortunately, I mainly get enthusiastic and moving reactions from readers. The ones that touch me the most are those of people who have been touched in their hearts themselves and distil hope, courage, love and inspiration from my stories. The people who find the inspiration in connecting even more with their own beautiful true Self, their soul, and manifesting it in the world from the knowledge that we are here for a reason.

Because we are here for a reason. We ARE the expression of divine love – all things that hinder us are just shadows.

© Wendy Gillissen, M.A. 2021
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5 thoughts on “Why I don’t write fantasy

  1. Sounds like a great book Wendy….We need all the light we can gather up right now. Too many people are missing the whole point for being here! Writing is a wonderful thing. I cannot imagine life without writing. I wish you all the best with your book! It’s a good time for it to make a debut! Good luck and much peace to you….VK ❤

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