Wild (garlic) spring

There is a park near a nature reserve nearby where I discovered what turned out to be wild garlic last year! So this year I wanted to pick some and use it in our Greek briam stew. Oooh, wild garlic, how… wild! How exciting!

So off I went to forage in the woods. I was afraid I might feel greedy, picking from an already wilting crop – after all, this is an urban area. I did not have to feel guilty: the woods were covered in exquisite white flowers: a wild abundance of allium ursinum, bear leek, wood garlic!

So I washed and added the leaves for just a short amount of time at the end of the cooking time, and the flowers for decoration- you can eat them, too!

Will definitely eat them again- they add a depth to a dish that is hard to describe. Lovely!

11 thoughts on “Wild (garlic) spring

    1. I had lots of fun (and strange looks from passers-by, haha) They were absolutely lovely in the stew, too.
      Unfortunately, a search on the interwebz told me that in the Netherlands (contrary to some other European countries) they are a protected species! So I ordered some to plant in my mom’s garden so we can have our own garlicy paradise – and I will stick to foraging stinging nettles 😉

  1. Oh yummy and so beautiful!!! Love eating wild. Such a good feeling. It encourages independence. Glad you found such a great stash to enjoy! What time is dinner? VK ❤

    1. Oooh yes, they are yummy and the taste is incredible!! Even better because it does feel like connecting with my hunter-gatherer roots! Dinner is served, come on over! ♥

    1. Oh it’s so nice to hear from you again Sue! Yes it is such a great feeling, we call it ”wildplukken” in Dutch, or ”wild picking” 😉 It really makes me feel more attuned to Nature… and the taste is fantastic! Of course they can be grown in the garden, too! ♥

      1. Yes we grow garlic, but wild garlic is a bonus.. And love the aroma on a damp day in the woods lol. So good to be catching up with you again. I was just on Amazon UK and looking to purchase your book Curse of the Tahiéra, Sounds just my kind of book… 🙂

      2. Hee hee, I always love the aroma of garlic … I must have Italian roots somewhere lol ☺ How lovely, I would love to hear what you think of my book-child! I think you willl like my shaman Yldich, he has a great sense of humour☺

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