Nature’s Nurture

I had planned another foraging session today to get some wild garlic and some exercise at the same time, but I ended up on a bench in the nature reserve and felt I did not want to leave for almost an hour, despite all my plans.

So peaceful. The sound of the birds, the wind in the trees, the energy of the place, like floating in a sea of natural healing energy.

When I returned home, I realized The energy was still with me. I could feel it all around me and inside of me.

How lovely and healing even a little sojourn in nature can be!

I like to share some pictures of my little trip, the abundance of colours and contrasts.

Nature is truly nurturing 💖

7 thoughts on “Nature’s Nurture

    1. Oh, me too, I know what you mean Brad! I am glad I managed to contain myself today and sit still… it’s really magical how the energy stays with you if you soak it up consiously ♥

      1. Wonderful… I went to my Bluebell wood on Wednesday… No one around and it was breath-taking.. And so many more bluebells this year… The weather has been perfect as we have not had much rain in over a month so they were looking perfect.. 🙂
        So pleased you found your special peaceful place.. 🙂

      2. Ah, Sue you are so blessed to have a wood with bluebells nearby! ♥ So magical and enchanting. I have had a big canvas with a picture of a bluebell wood above my dining room table for over 10 years now, but nothing is better than the real thing! ☺♥

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