Happy Willow

I went on a little walk in the countryside and met a gorgeous old weeping willow.
Because I wanted to know how it was feeling, I laid my hand on its bark and connected with its being.

Despite its name, I felt nothing but… joy!
This tree is dancing on the inside… No wonder I have felt fairies around at this place before.

This is not the first time I connect with a Weeping Willow and feel their joy and happiness at just Being.

People call them Weeping Willows, but that is only from the evidence of their eyes.
When you go beyond the superficial and connect to the inner spirit of a being, be it a plant, a tree, an animal, or a human being, that is when you will discover their true nature…
© Wendy Gillissen, M.A. 2022

7 thoughts on “Happy Willow

  1. LOVE, LOVE, your connection Wendy.. We tree huggers sense and feel within.. The Standing Ones, give so much of themselves… Unconditionally..
    I have a certain rapport with an old oak.. Which I would sit with and find much peace and healing wisdom given.. ❤
    Loved your photo images too Wendy.. ❤

    1. Thanks Sue! 💖 Oh yes aren’t they amazing! And each one a unique being 💖 How lovely to have such a relationship with an old oak. They are one of my favourite tree beings 💖

  2. Love your encounter Wendy! Just so calming to think about. The energy of the trees is so powerful. Tree huggers used to get such grief but little do people seem to know about the energy the trees share! So glad you were able to connect! VK ❤

    1. Haha thanks, I still tend to do my tree whispering behaving as inconspicuously as possible – one hand nonchalantly on my iPhone – in case people will think I’m barking mad 😀 Ah, yes it is lovely to find a quiet spot and a tree that calls to you… they all have their own special wisdom to share! ♥

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