Loving Nature

The other day the stresses of life really got to me for a moment. So I walked out into my mum’s garden and was immediately greeted by this…. my favorite butterfly and my favorite colour.

Nature always showers her blessings upon us… if we only pay attention 🌿💖

Wendy Gillissen, M. A. 2022

8 thoughts on “Loving Nature

  1. Love The Red Admiral butterfly Wendy.. and The Buddleia Bush so attracts them.. So happy that Nature was able to soothe your stresses Wendy…
    Its certainly been a glorious week of Sunshine and warmth for bringing the Butterflies out and flowers into full bloom…

    Nature always Heals… ❤ 🙂 🦋💚🦋..

    Much love your way ❤

    1. Thanks dear Sue! Ah, I did not know it was called a Buddleia, we call them ”Butterfly Bushes” over here ☺ Yes it is such a lovely sunny week, taking every opportinitu to go into the garden or the nature reserve nearby! Much love and enjoy Nature too ☺♥🦋🦋

      1. Making hay while the sun shines, as the saying goes… 🙂 I have a Buddleia bush but its not in bloom as yet… I have seen a few Red Admiral’s about, but not as many butterflies here this year 😦

  2. Oh, same here too! I’ve seen very few butterflies as yet actually. This Admiral seems to have the whole bush to itself. Hum…😦 Time to get more butterfly friendly plants for the garden 🦋🌿

  3. So beautiful, both butterfly and bush…I can’t imagine not having nature as a part of my life! I call it my free tranquilizer! Guaranteed calm every time. Glad you were treated to your favorites Wendy! As you say though, we have to pay attention! Thanks for sharing that moment 🙂 Hopefully life will slow down for just a moment so we can all catch our breath! Be well and stay in calm spaces….VK ❤

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