Signals of the soul – do you know how your soul communicates with you?

Synchronicity: meaningful coincidence
When you navigate the world, you are constantly receiving signals from your soul. When you know how to be aware of that, you have a valuable guide to life. The way this works has been described as “synchronicity”. One event coincides with another. Not in a causal way, but in a meaningful way.

Synchronicity could be described as “meaningful coincidence”. For example, you get a great idea, and just then the wind swirls around you and lifts up your hair, making it dance. Or you finally release your pent-up anger from years, and at that exact moment a motorcyclist lets his engine roar. Or you wonder in your despair whether there is help for you, and at that moment a butterfly lands on your hand.

Through synchronicity it is easy for the Universe, the Source, your soul, to communicate with you, give you signals and confirmation, and hold up a mirror to you. One of the ways you can consciously tune into that is simply to have a question or an idea in mind and walk the world with it. What signals are coming your way? What could that mean symbolically?

Benevolent Universe
Remember, the Universe never communicates in a negative way. So if you get signals that frighten you, or seem to imply bad predictions, that is your own interpretation stemming from your own fear. Then you still have some work to do to dissolve negative and fear-based beliefs.

Dreaming as a guide
There are many ways in which your soul communicates with you. One is through dreams. The language of dreams is often symbolic. Prehistoric man knew this symbolic language well. After all, he did not yet have access to writing. We have largely forgotten this language. However, we can easily relearn it – if only we are open to it!

Nature as a guide
But by far the easiest and fastest way to let your soul be your guide through synchronicity is through nature. Not only is nature one large living and animated organism, it is extremely easy for Source and your soul to give you signals through nature. The sun suddenly breaking through the clouds when you have a spiritual breakthrough. The butterfly that flutters past your window in the middle of winter when you think about your deceased grandmother. The ladybug that lands on a certain page of a book – which contains valuable clues for your growth.

Life and death
Nature is a guide par excellence when it comes to the most emotionally charged subject of all: death, transformation and rebirth. In nature, death in nature is not a subject that is linked to fear and suffering. Death is an essential part of the cycle of life.

Sage willow
When I was wondering about death myself, I made contact with one of my favorite trees: an old weeping willow. This willow has a completely different energy than its appearance suggests. Despite the old stiff branches, the bark full of moss, this willow has a swirling, airy energy that you can feel when you make a real connection: inside it dances!
“What do you think of death?” I simply asked as I placed my hand on its old wrinkly bark.
The willow seemed to be smiling inside, as always. “Death does not exist,” he said without words. “I just change shape.”
I could feel it. The airy, happy energy of the willow tree does not depend on its earthy form. He IS.

Nature is not decoration for man
When I walk through nature, I see that many people seem to regard nature as a kind of decor. A background to their busy lives. They jog through it and don’t connect. They walk past it in pairs, talking aloud about their work, or even spirituality, arguing and gesturing vigorously—not seeing the ladybug landing right in front of them. They don’t feel the energy of the trees, ready to help release stress through their roots. Mother earth who wants to cherish and carry them.

Celtic father
Connecting with the wisdom of nature as a living being, and the signals of nature as synchronistic indications of the soul, I learned many lives back from my Celtic father. It’s a special story. I like to share it as an example of how magical the Universe is, and how the love of our soul family reaches us in special ways.

Signals of the soul via Ebay
It may sound crazy, but my soul led me to Ebay. Purely by intuition I nosed around, until my eye fell on a very old bronze ring. A Celtic ring with a very special shape. I immediately felt: “This is it! This one has to go to me!” I sat at my computer, biting my nails. Fortunately, I won with my modest offer. The moment I won the auction, a large man suddenly stood next to me.

A “kindred spirit”
I was a bit shocked, because it was a very large hairy man dressed in primitive clothing. A spirit. But with my heart I felt that this was a kindred spirit. A familiar soul. I felt the love, approval and confirmation like a father’s. And that is what he turned out to be. My Celtic father from many centuries ago.

When the ring finally arrived in the mail, I connected with my past life. Bronwen, the red-haired daughter of the tribe’s shaman. As a baby I loved sitting on Dad’s lap, watching him read the signals of nature, the flight of the birds, the movement of the branches in the wind. When I was a toddler, he taught me the language of the birds – purely by observing and listening. By really hearing and seeing intensely. When you turn my Celtic father’s ring towards you, you see that special shape creates an optical illusion – you see an eye looking back at you!

Primal fathers and primal mothers
As I have not known a real father in this life, this ring and the confirmation of my Celtic father was a great support to me at a time when I could use it well. How beautiful it is that not only our own souls, but also our soulmates connect with us through synchronicity, nature, and even the internet – if only we are aware. If only we not only look but also see. As long as we not only talk but also listen.

When we look and listen with our heart, the most beautiful things come to us – we navigate using the signals of the soul!

© Wendy Gillissen, M.A.
Practice for Past life Therapy

7 thoughts on “Signals of the soul – do you know how your soul communicates with you?

  1. Love this Wendy! The other day I was feeling down in bed with a fever and I heard the most amazing bird screech past my window that I was not familiar with. It was new to me. I looked out my window and there not 40-50′ away on my garage roof was a Kingfisher shouting to me about abundance and peace! The next day I just happened to look out my window again and there on the roof, same spot, starring directly at me, was the Blue Heron! I had just been questioning if I had the energy to keep going in this insane world of so much evil. Heron said “Of course! Follow your own a path of innate wisdom and self determination”! I cannot imagine living life without paying close attention to the messages we so often miss. Love all your insight you have gathered! Thank you for sharing that knowledge. VK ❤

    1. Oooh, Kingfisher magic! They are such amazing birds, like little pieces of paradise flying into our world to show us magic is alive and well! I am so glad Kingfisher and Heron came to inspire you to stay the course! We could so easily miss those precious signals if we don’t pay attention. I’m so glad you did! ♥

      1. Thankfully synchronicity has always intrigued me and so I usually catch the magic when it gets tossed my way. Not always, but I try. I was quite startled at how loud and vocal the Kingfisher is as well as how unusual looking he is. Fun to see. Thanks….VK ❤

      2. We rarely get to see them here… I have never even heard ones voice. Such a special messenger for you! I love Kingfishers. We do get a lot of Blue Herons here. I tried telepathic communication with one, once. I said: ”Hello, Mr. Heron!” and it replied: ”Shush, I’m working!” Hahaha. Obviously it was fishing and in my human ignorance I had failed to notice 😉 Wishing you lots of beautiful signals to come! ♥

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