The light on the way

Dissociation and survival vs. living: a survivor’s story

This beautifully written post above is like reading my own heart and finding recognition for my adult self who is working so hard at healing. I only became aware of decades-long abuse and human trafficking after the main abuser died. My whole life story has had to be rewritten.

It is so important that the adult self who has to deal with the aftermath gets the support and recognition he/she needs…  by themselves as well!

I am thankful to have found a healing modality that allows me to transform the trauma, but it can be a lonely uphill project. Step by step re-establishing my identity, my sense of Self, my life, and healing my overwrought nervous system.

By Being the love I never received I light my path through the darkness and find it reflected in the hearts of dear people I meet on the way. When I work with therapy clients who have faced a similar ordeal I feel gratitude for being able to shine some light on the path through hell, because I’ve already been there.

“You can at all times stand up in the Light, refusing to be dismayed; rejoicing every step of the way.” Wellesley Tudor Pole, Light upon the Path

© Wendy Gillissen, M.A.

4 thoughts on “The light on the way

    1. Thank you so much, Brad 🙏 I am glad it leads to understanding! I have been keeping more or less silent for some years now, but it feels like the time for silence is just about over and it is time to shine more light into the darkness 💖

  1. Your Day job in helping others heal such traumas, is to be commended Wendy.. I do not think we can ever truly help another unless we ourselves have some empathy with what they have gone through..
    I know personally from having a total mental breakdown, I know now why I was then later led into mental health and helping others with their mental health issues…
    The Divine Source always has a greater Plan..
    We may not see it at the time of our own dark tunnels, but LIGHT is always illuminating us to find our own Inner strengths through learning how to love ourselves more, when we were so beaten down to feel unworthy..

    Thank you dear Wendy for sharing..
    Much love… ❤

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