magpie curse of the tahiera

Pyki the Magpie

‘A long, long time ago, so long you could count the ages on your fingers, and your father’s fingers, and your father’s father’s fingers and so on, and so forth, and still not have counted them all,’ Maetis began her story, and the children listened open-mouthed, ‘the first Beings were created. They were the Animals. They weren’t so different from us Humans, then. And they … Continue reading Pyki the Magpie

sneak preview Tzanáta

Sneak preview!

While I am writing the final chapter of my second book, The Search for Tzanáta, the sequel to my award-winning début Curse of the Tahiéra I thought it would be fun to share a sneak preview of the cover design for the new book. It is for the English edition. Both the English and Dutch editions will be published around the same time, with similar … Continue reading Sneak preview!

Nature is my favourite artist ♥

Lanterns fit for the Woodland King… ❤ Picture by Sharon Johnstone ”Áyra looked up at the Woodland King. His cloak was woven of leaves of may hues; from the dark blood red of autumn leaves to the fresh green of spring saplings. But when Áyra blinked his eyes, and looked again, it was of rich blue velvet, studded with star-like gems. He sighed with surprise. … Continue reading Nature is my favourite artist ♥

The wonderful ways the angels speak to us: synchronicity

Today I was reminded again of the wonderful, diverse ways the angels find to communicate with us – that is, when we are unable to tap in directly to their loving guidance. As I am when I am stubborn trying to solve everything with my mind once more. A habit that is hard to break! 😉 I was feeling a little run-down with work these … Continue reading The wonderful ways the angels speak to us: synchronicity

On dragons…

”The trees had dwindled into nothing, leaving only dusty earth and rocks, when Rom noticed a large stone structure in the distance. The path would take him straight to it, so he kept on walking. When he got closer, he could see it was a large open gateway made of big blocks of carved grey stone, and doors of heavy blackened wood. They were open, … Continue reading On dragons…

There’s no such thing as writer’s block… when you listen☺

Writer’s block. It’s the thing most writers dread more than anything. I seldom suffer from it, but when I do, I magically forget why! And then I have to invent the wheel all over again… so I can roll out of the block and happily continue creating. I only get writer’s block when I forget that the little me, Ego is not the one writing … Continue reading There’s no such thing as writer’s block… when you listen☺

The Magic of a Book

Originally posted on The Sporadic Chronicles:
For me, there is nothing more enchanting than a book. The great escape, the new identity, the time travel, the unexpected voyage… it all eagerly awaits you. You just need to summon the courage to turn the folio, and a whole new world is at the mercy of your fingertips. I honestly cannot understand how there are so many people that… Continue reading The Magic of a Book