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Pyki the Magpie

‘A long, long time ago, so long you could count the ages on your fingers, and your father’s fingers, and your father’s father’s fingers and so on, and so forth, and still not have counted them all,’ Maetis began her story, and the children listened open-mouthed, ‘the first Beings were created. They were the Animals. They weren’t so different from us Humans, then. And they … Continue reading Pyki the Magpie

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The Sea Nymph / De zeenimf

Scroll down for the Dutch version ♥ It’s not always easy, being highly sensitive in this world. But one if the greatest joys it has given me is being more and more able to connect with the conscious, living spirit of Nature. There is a small strip of pebble beach on the Greek Island of my muse that is hardly visited by tourists at all. … Continue reading The Sea Nymph / De zeenimf

A healing journey with the fairies

For the Dutch version, scroll down below ♥ We may see fairies and elementals as beings we can only find in area’s of unspoilt nature. But if you have affinity with these beings, you can meet them in all sorts of unexpected places – like in this healing journey. An Inner Child in need One recent evening, I felt an Inner Child part of me … Continue reading A healing journey with the fairies

Loving Spirits: Petey the Pixie ☺

I am always surrounded by spirits, it seems, and usually I feel their presence by the tingling of my skin, the light, warm touch of a hand on my wrist, and by the place on my body I will usually have a good idea of who it is. Mostly they are beloveds from other lifetimes (see for instance: Loving Spirits, the Greek Fisherman), and it … Continue reading Loving Spirits: Petey the Pixie ☺