The garden of life

Maria carried the watering can up the steps to her little garden with effort. Shaded by ancient olive trees it was a tiny oasis in the hollow of the afternoon heat. She watered the flowering plants one by one, taking care to distribute the life-giving drops fairly: the petunias in deep magenta and purple, almost gaudy in their exuberance, the slender, dignified pink lilies, the … Continue reading The garden of life


So I am preparing for my next visit to the Greek island that holds many past-and present life memories this late spring – and found this picture of a sea turtle that really captures the essence of freedom! To truly be who you are, without restrictions, without doubt, without shame, without trying to be what society wants you to be – to channel the essence … Continue reading Freedom

The beauty in the little things

Last week I was standing once more in front of the Mycenaean wall of my beloved ancient city of Same in Greece. This place is magical to me: the first time I arrived at his wall, of which only a few blocks are still standing, I felt suddenly surrounded by the spirits of my loved ones from ages past. Their energy swirled around me like … Continue reading The beauty in the little things

Hoe ga je als hooggevoelig mens om met terreur via de media?

We leven in een turbulente tijd waarin alle oude pijnstukken, zowel collectief en op wereldschaal als persoonlijk, omhoog komen om te worden geheeld. Hoe ga je als HSPer om met de verspreiding van terreur via de media? Nieuw artikel van Wendy op Continue reading Hoe ga je als hooggevoelig mens om met terreur via de media?


Those who blindly adore another often project their own greatness onto them, unable to recognize it in themselves or bring it into the world. When they find their object of adoration cannot bring them their greatness back, nor live it for them because they can only do that themselves, adoration can turn sour. Then the internal hatred and loathing which forced them to take their … Continue reading Adoration