Tree magic

They had gone a mile or so in the direction the boy had come from. There were no traces on the forest floor. Of course, Eldairc thought, the rains in the intermediate weeks would have washed away any footprints. Yldich was humming softly, a soft nasal sound that was almost like a chant. Eldairc saw him touching the leaves of bushes, the low-hanging branches of … Continue reading Tree magic


Signals of the soul – do you know how your soul communicates with you?

Synchronicity: meaningful coincidenceWhen you navigate the world, you are constantly receiving signals from your soul. When you know how to be aware of that, you have a valuable guide to life. The way this works has been described as “synchronicity”. One event coincides with another. Not in a causal way, but in a meaningful way. Synchronicity could be described as “meaningful coincidence”. For example, you … Continue reading Signals of the soul – do you know how your soul communicates with you?

Happy Willow

I went on a little walk in the countryside and met a gorgeous old weeping willow.Because I wanted to know how it was feeling, I laid my hand on its bark and connected with its being. Despite its name, I felt nothing but… joy! This tree is dancing on the inside… No wonder I have felt fairies around at this place before. This is not … Continue reading Happy Willow


Charoite dreams – I love purple

Litebeing Chronicles inspired me in her recent post on loving purple to share one of my favorite gemstones: charoite. Charoite first came to me in a dream some years ago. In the dream I was at the coast of Brittany, marveling at the magnificent view of the ocean throwing itself at the cliffs. I walked into a little shop where I noted jewelry and belts … Continue reading Charoite dreams – I love purple

Wherever you go, bring your own flowers with you

I love the roots and bones of the old inner city. In some places, I feel the peace and serenity of the ages. Today, after doing my inner work on clearing yet more debris from the past, I found solace from the August heat in the heart of the city: the Prinsenhof (Prince’s court). Here, it is easy to connect with ancient times, the roots … Continue reading Wherever you go, bring your own flowers with you

Return to Nature

When the insanity of the human world overwhelms you, return to Nature. There is no insanity in Nature. No corruption. No chaos. There is only the eternal cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Everything is as it should be. Pictures made on a walk after an interview for my latest book, The Search for Tzanáta, July 2020 © Wendy Gillissen, M.A. Practice for Past Life … Continue reading Return to Nature