Save the 🌎

When I was fourteen years old, in 1983, I went on a school field trip to find out about new energy technology. We went to a facility where they exhibited the utilization of wind energy, solar energy, water energy by new modern technology. Imagine, this was the mid-eighties and that technology was ALREADY available. I can remember distinctively thinking: ‘’But why, if this technology is … Continue reading Save the 🌎



  Seeing injustice and badness + judging + resisting + perceived powerlessness + unfocused anger = being a victim and creating a negative reality, Denying negative facts = blindly retreating to a bubble of false positivity = being prey Acknowledging injustice + healthy anger + focusing that energy towards what you do want to create for yourself and the world + positive inspired action = … Continue reading Balance


Een (on)gewoon gesprek met bomen

Soms, wanneer ik met een existentiële vraag zit, leg ik die voor aan de natuur. De natuur biedt een uniek perspectief, dat vaak verder of dieper gaat dan dat van mensen, niet beladen door ego, wensdenken, angst of illusie. De natuur is de meest eerlijke gesprekspartner die ik ken. Zo communiceer ik graag met bomen. Bomen zijn uniek Nu is de ene boom de andere … Continue reading Een (on)gewoon gesprek met bomen


So I am preparing for my next visit to the Greek island that holds many past-and present life memories this late spring – and found this picture of a sea turtle that really captures the essence of freedom! To truly be who you are, without restrictions, without doubt, without shame, without trying to be what society wants you to be – to channel the essence … Continue reading Freedom

healers incognito

Healers Incognito

When you regard all lifeforms as equal, sentient beings and don’t just pay attention to what your eyes tell you about a person, an animal, plant or mineral but listen to your intuition, you can open the door to some special meetings and experiences. The outer appearance of a living being is not always proportional to their true being and potential. Sometimes the relation between … Continue reading Healers Incognito

animal souls

Hebben dieren ook een ziel?

Laatst kreeg ik een leuke vraag toegestuurd van een bezoeker van mijn site naar aanleiding van de bijzondere band met haar paard. De vraag was of dieren ook een ziel hebben, of ze ook incarneren om levenslessen te leren net als mensen, en of het mogelijk is voor dieren om te incarneren in andere soorten, of zelfs als mens. Bezield leven Toen ik deze vraag … Continue reading Hebben dieren ook een ziel?

animal souls

Do animals have souls, too?

The other day I received a fun question from a visitor of my website concerning the special bond she has with her horse. The question was whether animals have souls too, and reincarnate to learn life lessons, and if it is possible for animals to incarnate in other species, or even as humans. Animated life When I tried to answer this question, I found that … Continue reading Do animals have souls, too?

The beauty in the little things

Last week I was standing once more in front of the Mycenaean wall of my beloved ancient city of Same in Greece. This place is magical to me: the first time I arrived at his wall, of which only a few blocks are still standing, I felt suddenly surrounded by the spirits of my loved ones from ages past. Their energy swirled around me like … Continue reading The beauty in the little things