Lessons from the bees: where there is compassion, there can be no fear

I’ve never been overly fond of insects and arachnids. Maybe it’s the fact that they have exoskeletons that makes me feel a little queasy. I like beings hairy and cuddly, and preferably of the feline or canine persuasion. But life has a way of presenting us with opportunities to grow beyond our restrictions, above our fears, likes and dislikes. To learn and gain insight through … Continue reading Lessons from the bees: where there is compassion, there can be no fear

Inspiration by Nature

I was cycling the other day and enjoying the display of spring flowers when it made me wonder: why do flowers make me so happy? Glorious dandelions, tender apple blossoms, delicate poppies – what is it about them that makes my heart sing? I studied them as I cycled past the wildflowers bordering the road and realized: they are Nature’s expressions of pure joy, ecstasy, … Continue reading Inspiration by Nature

mother father narcissist archetype

Letting go of the narcissistic parent and embracing the archetype of the true mother and father

There comes a time in the life of every person who has grown up with a narcissistic parent that they have to let go of the false mother or father. We need to see them as they really are and acknowledge we never had a real mother or father at all. We have to grieve the loss of what was really an illusion, heal our … Continue reading Letting go of the narcissistic parent and embracing the archetype of the true mother and father

The essence of beauty (happy holidays!)

Once again, I was inspired to write a blog post because of a post by Brad of Writing to Freedom: on beauty and how beauty feeds the soul. I remember lives as an elemental fairy-like being in which beauty was my nourishment. The beauty of Nature, of colour, of texture, of sound and song, of words… they were all food to me. The light of … Continue reading The essence of beauty (happy holidays!)


For the love of cats

Cat lover I have been extremely fond of cats from the day I was born. In my childhood years I would draw endless pictures of cats. Cats on flying carpets. Cats in meadows. Now, with the internet taken over by cats, I am a happy source of funny cat pictures and video’s. But there is another side to my love for and fondness of cats. … Continue reading For the love of cats

Save the 🌎

When I was fourteen years old, in 1983, I went on a school field trip to find out about new energy technology. We went to a facility where they exhibited the utilization of wind energy, solar energy, water energy by new modern technology. Imagine, this was the mid-eighties and that technology was ALREADY available. I can remember distinctively thinking: ‘’But why, if this technology is … Continue reading Save the 🌎



  Seeing injustice and badness + judging + resisting + perceived powerlessness + unfocused anger = being a victim and creating a negative reality, Denying negative facts = blindly retreating to a bubble of false positivity = being prey Acknowledging injustice + healthy anger + focusing that energy towards what you do want to create for yourself and the world + positive inspired action = … Continue reading Balance


Een (on)gewoon gesprek met bomen

Soms, wanneer ik met een existentiële vraag zit, leg ik die voor aan de natuur. De natuur biedt een uniek perspectief, dat vaak verder of dieper gaat dan dat van mensen, niet beladen door ego, wensdenken, angst of illusie. De natuur is de meest eerlijke gesprekspartner die ik ken. Zo communiceer ik graag met bomen. Bomen zijn uniek Nu is de ene boom de andere … Continue reading Een (on)gewoon gesprek met bomen