Oppression of truth before rise of consciousness

FB announced they were deleting “fake accounts” this week…. in its wake, it appears they are also deleting anything that threatens the Big Pharma money flow. Pages dealing with nature, organic food and health, ”alternative” opinion… with thousands of followers… gone. Just like that. It’s shocking. I wonder if it is even legal. On a spiritual level, how can we look at this? I would … Continue reading Oppression of truth before rise of consciousness

After the Blood Moon

After the Blood Moon After the obscene heat wave that hit Europe these past weeks relented for a night and I could finally sleep, I woke up with a speech in my system which I feel I must make. It is probably inspired by the Blood Moon and Mars – in its exalted state, the spiritual warrior. I want to put it out there as … Continue reading After the Blood Moon

Sociopathy at large

Went to bed thinking about sociopathy and how important it is people understand the toxic effect sociopaths have on families, circles of friends, communities, and countries. What happens now in the world, with the rise of narcissistic, sociopathic leaders is nothing new, and is devastating, but it can also teach us something. The dynamics and effects of one sociopath on a family are the same … Continue reading Sociopathy at large



  Seeing injustice and badness + judging + resisting + perceived powerlessness + unfocused anger = being a victim and creating a negative reality, Denying negative facts = blindly retreating to a bubble of false positivity = being prey Acknowledging injustice + healthy anger + focusing that energy towards what you do want to create for yourself and the world + positive inspired action = … Continue reading Balance

Een narcist komt zelden alleen: narcisme en entiteiten

Openlijke, extraverte narcisten en verborgen, “sensitieve” narcisten en psychopaten hebben in mijn ervaring allemaal iets gemeen: ze komen zelden alleen. Alle narcisten die ik tot nog toe gekend heb, direct of via sessies met mijn cliënten, hadden tot nu toe “versterking” van niet-eigen energieën zoals kwaadwillende entiteiten, demonische entiteiten en andere “gasten”. Wat houdt dit in, waardoor komt dit en wat betekent dit voor familie, … Continue reading Een narcist komt zelden alleen: narcisme en entiteiten


Een (on)gewoon gesprek met bomen

Soms, wanneer ik met een existentiële vraag zit, leg ik die voor aan de natuur. De natuur biedt een uniek perspectief, dat vaak verder of dieper gaat dan dat van mensen, niet beladen door ego, wensdenken, angst of illusie. De natuur is de meest eerlijke gesprekspartner die ik ken. Zo communiceer ik graag met bomen. Bomen zijn uniek Nu is de ene boom de andere … Continue reading Een (on)gewoon gesprek met bomen

The garden of life

Maria carried the watering can up the steps to her little garden with effort. Shaded by ancient olive trees it was a tiny oasis in the hollow of the afternoon heat. She watered the flowering plants one by one, taking care to distribute the life-giving drops fairly: the petunias in deep magenta and purple, almost gaudy in their exuberance, the slender, dignified pink lilies, the … Continue reading The garden of life

false reality

False reality

  False reality Lately I felt obliged to read some blog posts, channellings and articles on the nature of false reality.  Personally I never felt drawn to reading many of these channelings, but because my therapy clients sometimes talked about them, and experienced pain and confusion because of them, I began reading some of the material. False gods Now there are a couple of things … Continue reading False reality