Energetische belasting door entiteiten

Energetische belasting door entiteiten en andere niet-eigen energieen komt vaker voor dan je misschien zou denken. Hoe kom je aan deze vorm van energetische belasting en belangrijker, hoe kom je eraf? Een nieuw artikel op de website van mijn praktijk reincarnatietherapie.com. Lees het hier: https://reincarnatietherapie.com/energetische-belasting-door-entiteiten/Continue reading Energetische belasting door entiteiten


Connecting to crystals

I have always felt very attracted to rocks, crystals and minerals. I roamed beaches and hilltops for them, I bought them in mineral shops… I filled my house with them. A Capricorn thing, I suppose. Still, even though I felt like living in a glittering crystal cave,  I had a remaining longing concerning crystals that wasn’t satisfied. That is, until I made a shift in … Continue reading Connecting to crystals


For the love of cats

Cat lover I have been extremely fond of cats from the day I was born. In my childhood years I would draw endless pictures of cats. Cats on flying carpets. Cats in meadows. Now, with the internet taken over by cats, I am a happy source of funny cat pictures and video’s. But there is another side to my love for and fondness of cats. … Continue reading For the love of cats


Spiritual guides: a past-life perspective

The other day a reader asked me: “Could it be, that our spiritual guides are our own past life personalities? Only then would I feel comfortable having them around in all aspects of my life.” Well, in my work as a past life therapist I have found, that what call guides come in many shapes and sizes, not only in the form of our own … Continue reading Spiritual guides: a past-life perspective

Oppression of truth before rise of consciousness

FB announced they were deleting “fake accounts” this week…. in its wake, it appears they are also deleting anything that threatens the Big Pharma money flow. Pages dealing with nature, organic food and health, ”alternative” opinion… with thousands of followers… gone. Just like that. It’s shocking. I wonder if it is even legal. On a spiritual level, how can we look at this? I would … Continue reading Oppression of truth before rise of consciousness



  Seeing injustice and badness + judging + resisting + perceived powerlessness + unfocused anger = being a victim and creating a negative reality, Denying negative facts = blindly retreating to a bubble of false positivity = being prey Acknowledging injustice + healthy anger + focusing that energy towards what you do want to create for yourself and the world + positive inspired action = … Continue reading Balance

false reality

False reality

  False reality Lately I felt obliged to read some blog posts, channellings and articles on the nature of false reality.  Personally I never felt drawn to reading many of these channelings, but because my therapy clients sometimes talked about them, and experienced pain and confusion because of them, I began reading some of the material. False gods Now there are a couple of things … Continue reading False reality


Authentic guide or nosy neighbour?

When you immerse yourself in the spiritual world, it is hard to miss the concept of the spiritual ‘guide’. You can enrol in workshops and courses to ‘meet your spiritual guide’, people will contact, channel or even draw your guide for you and apparently, everybody has one. But is this true, and what is a guide anyway? And what is it not? Introduction About twenty … Continue reading Authentic guide or nosy neighbour?

Reincarnation Q & A

I was delighted to be invited to write a Q & A column for Spiritualist Resources.com on reincarnation! I will answer questions on past lives and reincarnation, spirit attachments, incarnated angels, and anything else pertaining to incarnation and the journey of the soul. You can read the ones that have been posted already – or ask your own! ☺ Happy reading! Continue reading Reincarnation Q & A

earthbound spirits

How to deal with earthbound spirits

When you are highly sensitive or raising your vibration, you will probably notice that your senses are heightened and you start feeling things much more intensely. Chances are, that you will also start sensing the energies around you much more consciously: the energies of the world and all living beings within it, but also of less tangible spirits like nature spirits, angels, elementals, and: spirits … Continue reading How to deal with earthbound spirits