Authentic guide or nosy neighbour?

When you immerse yourself in the spiritual world, it is hard to miss the concept of the spiritual ‘guide’. You can enrol in workshops and courses to ‘meet your spiritual guide’, people will contact, channel or even draw your guide … Continue reading Authentic guide or nosy neighbour?

Reincarnation Q & A

I was delighted to be invited to write a Q & A column for Spiritualist on reincarnation! I will answer questions on past lives and reincarnation, spirit attachments, incarnated angels, and anything else pertaining to incarnation and the journey … Continue reading Reincarnation Q & A

earthbound spirits

How to deal with earthbound spirits

When you are highly sensitive or raising your vibration, you will probably notice that your senses are heightened and you start feeling things much more intensely. Chances are, that you will also start sensing the energies around you much more … Continue reading How to deal with earthbound spirits

y interview with the BookReviewNinja is live! Don’t worry, no sword fighting was involved

The BookReviewNinja blog interview: Wendy Gillissen, writer of Curse of the Tahiéra(scroll down for the Dutch translation)I had lots of fun with this interview. In years past I would not have dared to be so open about my writing process, which involves a lot of connecting to my own past lives. I was afraid I would not be taken seriously. And of course, when I first started writing I actually had no idea that I was writing from past life memory in the first place! I thought I was writing fantasy… it just came to me rather easily. Well, surprise … Continue reading y interview with the BookReviewNinja is live! Don’t worry, no sword fighting was involved

Fae incognito!

The Fae have been making their presence known in my life more than ever before, or I have been more open to sensing them. But I never expected to find them frolicking disguised as ducks in the Dutch countryside! The other day I was having lunch at my favorite outdoors café. It has a lovely natural ambience, no doubt helped by the presence of goats, baby goats, hens, ducks, lambs, and a host of sparrows patiently waiting to feast on the crumbs of my lunch. My companion had gone to the ladies’ room which gave me time to study the … Continue reading Fae incognito!

Na de dood

Originally posted on Following the spiritual path:
Niet zo lang geleden kwam de kater enthousiast binnen met zijn tweede prooi dit jaar. Ik was erg verbaasd omdat zijn prooi geen muis of klein vogeltje was, maar een volwassen waterkip! Hij was ook erg trots en wilde niet loslaten. In plaats dat die zijn prooi opat, ging hij ermee spelen!Ik vond dit erg banaal en zijn dood niet waard. Als Sjamaan en dierentolk besloot ik Waterkip de laatste eer te bewijzen door hem gerust te stellen, als dit nodig was en hem een goede reis naar de Andere Wereld te wensen. Zodra ik… Continue reading Na de dood