Infinite possibilities

There is something so satisfying about a new stash of yarn. Each ball representing infinite possibilities. An abandunce of choice. You can create anything you want with a long single thread. It’s so exiting. But then, when you make your choice to create a certain thing and work the pattern, the creative energy is set – congealed as it were, in a structure. You create … Continue reading Infinite possibilities


Een in liefde – tweelingzielen

Begin dit jaar werd ik geinterviewd door Laura Boeters voor het tijdschrift The Optimist voor haar artikel over tweelingzielen. Het april-mei nummer van het tijdschrift is nu uit en o.a. hier verkrijgbaar! Met daarin: Ervaar Synchroniciteit Interview met René ten Bos, voorheen Denker des vaderlands Jung en zijn intentie Yijing: Boek der Verandering De haalbare energietransitie Twee zielen, één gedachte En lees hier de volledige … Continue reading Een in liefde – tweelingzielen

Inspiration by Nature

I was cycling the other day and enjoying the display of spring flowers when it made me wonder: why do flowers make me so happy? Glorious dandelions, tender apple blossoms, delicate poppies – what is it about them that makes my heart sing? I studied them as I cycled past the wildflowers bordering the road and realized: they are Nature’s expressions of pure joy, ecstasy, … Continue reading Inspiration by Nature

mother father narcissist archetype

Letting go of the narcissistic parent and embracing the archetype of the true mother and father

There comes a time in the life of every person who has grown up with a narcissistic parent that they have to let go of the false mother or father. We need to see them as they really are and acknowledge we never had a real mother or father at all. We have to grieve the loss of what was really an illusion, heal our … Continue reading Letting go of the narcissistic parent and embracing the archetype of the true mother and father


How do narcissists charm? A spiritual perspective

“To charm: The power or quality of delighting, attracting, or fascinating others.’’ Oxford English dictionary For the longest time, I have been wondering how narcissists manage to charm people so well. How is it that they can romance the birds from the trees, sing and talk us into a state of unrealistic bliss and make us believe we’re in heaven – until we wake up … Continue reading How do narcissists charm? A spiritual perspective

Close call with evil: a sociopath in the family

  “Evil” I always hesitate to use the word “evil”. What many people may call evil are actually just human emotions, traits and motivations: aggression, jealousy, greed, anger… These human traits and emotions we can address and learn how to deal with. We can learn from them, transform them and bring their root causes to a higher level. Cold When I use the word “evil,”, … Continue reading Close call with evil: a sociopath in the family

misbruik abuse

Hidden abuse

Imagine: you’re living your life from the assumption you’re operating from free will. That you create your life yourself. That any and all obstacles on your path have manifested from being not strong enough, not determined enough, not clever or cute enough. So every time you encounter one, you try harder. Invisible barrier And you accomplish a lot, but still you keep having this nagging … Continue reading Hidden abuse