animal souls

Do animals have souls, too?

The other day I received a fun question from a visitor of my website concerning the special bond she has with her horse. The question was whether animals have souls too, and reincarnate to learn life lessons, and if it is possible for animals to incarnate in other species, or even as humans. Animated life When I tried to answer this question, I found that … Continue reading Do animals have souls, too?

magpie curse of the tahiera

Pyki the Magpie

‘A long, long time ago, so long you could count the ages on your fingers, and your father’s fingers, and your father’s father’s fingers and so on, and so forth, and still not have counted them all,’ Maetis began her story, and the children listened open-mouthed, ‘the first Beings were created. They were the Animals. They weren’t so different from us Humans, then. And they … Continue reading Pyki the Magpie

Na de dood

Originally posted on Following the spiritual path:
Niet zo lang geleden kwam de kater enthousiast binnen met zijn tweede prooi dit jaar. Ik was erg verbaasd omdat zijn prooi geen muis of klein vogeltje was, maar een volwassen waterkip! Hij was ook erg trots en wilde niet loslaten. In plaats dat die zijn prooi opat, ging hij ermee spelen!Ik vond dit erg banaal en zijn dood niet… Continue reading Na de dood

You don’t need to go far to find love

You don’t need to go far to find love. If you can’t find it in your own heart, or in the eyes of those around you, look to nature. Animals are the perfect expression of unconditional love. No judgement, no conditions. Just love. They will bring you back to feel the love in your own heart. Grow it. Expand it. Let it radiate outward. And … Continue reading You don’t need to go far to find love