Ascension: making way for the Light

For many people, spirituality and the ascension process are seen as reaching for the Light, a growing towards our greatest potential. For many lightworkers however, it entails a journey into the darkness of ancient pains and programs, of digging through layers of trauma and the associated restricting beliefs that hamper our being who we truly are: cosmic beings of light. When we dig through the … Continue reading Ascension: making way for the Light

Spiritual Warriors

Being a spiritual warrior has nothing to do with aggression, domination or resistance to the negative or not wanted. A spiritual warrior knows his or herself and doesn’t have to fight against anything outside of themselves. And if does come to fighting, a spiritual warrior fights from their calm centre – detached, honest and with an open heart. From: “Curse of the Tahiéra’‘ © Wendy … Continue reading Spiritual Warriors

A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part III

I am honoured to join in the latest blog challenge of Barbara Franken of Me, My magnicifent Self: on Awakening! Thank you Barbara, for inviting me! Awakening What is awakening? When we talk about awakening, I take it to mean awakening to our true selves, our higher Selves. This encompasses so much more than the personality of this lifetime alone. In my experience, it encompasses … Continue reading A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part III


So I am preparing for my next visit to the Greek island that holds many past-and present life memories this late spring – and found this picture of a sea turtle that really captures the essence of freedom! To truly be who you are, without restrictions, without doubt, without shame, without trying to be what society wants you to be – to channel the essence … Continue reading Freedom

A new crystal friend

I do a lot of transformation work for myself and my clients, and every once in a while I feel the urge to treat myself to the assistance and company of a new friend from the mineral realm. This time my attention was drawn to Herkimer crystals. I remembered I had bought one years ago, but it was drilled horizontally and I couldn’t find a … Continue reading A new crystal friend

Do we choose fear or do we choose love? ♥

We live in a time in which everything dark is brought to light. Nothing can remain hidden any longer. This goes for on a personal level and the collective scale. Everything that was hidden in the dark comes up to be cleared, every illusion is held into the light and shattered, and shards fly everywhere. Especially in this age of information. So we are bombarded … Continue reading Do we choose fear or do we choose love? ♥