The Search for Tzanáta

Book trailer for The Search for Tzanáta, the sequel to the award-winning début novel Curse of the Tahiéra ”Beautifully written, deeply immersive, and wondrously magical… A thrilling fantasy adventure. Gillissen spins a fantastical narrative that seamlessly intertwines elements of fantasy with past life theories, dreamwalking, and human drama for an original, engrossing spiritual adventure tale. Along the way, Gillissen deftly explores the value of seeing … Continue reading The Search for Tzanáta


Book trailer Curse of the Tahiéra and its long-awaited sequel

Find the award-winning first book in my series on Amazon Or support the author and get it directly from the publisherOf course the sequel is available there as well! Finalist in the Indie Book Awards 2010Silver in the Reader Views AwardsFIRST PLACE – Reader Views Awards – Fiction A journey through haunted forests, through dreams and time. A tale of love, magic and the power … Continue reading Book trailer Curse of the Tahiéra and its long-awaited sequel


Why I don’t write fantasy

When I felt the call of my soul to start writing, I had to find a niche for my books to fit in. That’s how it works in the world of books. They need to be labeled. So, because they are adventurous stories, I ended up naming them fantasy. I wanted to have the freedom not to have to research historical details. Because in fact, … Continue reading Why I don’t write fantasy

On dragons…

”The trees had dwindled into nothing, leaving only dusty earth and rocks, when Rom noticed a large stone structure in the distance. The path would take him straight to it, so he kept on walking. When he got closer, he could see it was a large open gateway made of big blocks of carved grey stone, and doors of heavy blackened wood. They were open, … Continue reading On dragons…