Tree magic

They had gone a mile or so in the direction the boy had come from. There were no traces on the forest floor. Of course, Eldairc thought, the rains in the intermediate weeks would have washed away any footprints. Yldich was humming softly, a soft nasal sound that was almost like a chant. Eldairc saw him touching the leaves of bushes, the low-hanging branches of … Continue reading Tree magic


Signals of the soul – do you know how your soul communicates with you?

Synchronicity: meaningful coincidenceWhen you navigate the world, you are constantly receiving signals from your soul. When you know how to be aware of that, you have a valuable guide to life. The way this works has been described as “synchronicity”. One event coincides with another. Not in a causal way, but in a meaningful way. Synchronicity could be described as “meaningful coincidence”. For example, you … Continue reading Signals of the soul – do you know how your soul communicates with you?


Stand strong and shine

My new article is online at The Mindful Word! It is no coincidence that you ended up in a rationally-minded, not-so-sensitive family with your high sensitivity, clairvoyance or clairsentience. It is precisely here that you can learn lessons and work through old pain. This road presents a number of specific challenges. In this article, I consider both the obstacles and the opportunities that appear on … Continue reading Stand strong and shine

Happy Willow

I went on a little walk in the countryside and met a gorgeous old weeping willow.Because I wanted to know how it was feeling, I laid my hand on its bark and connected with its being. Despite its name, I felt nothing but… joy! This tree is dancing on the inside… No wonder I have felt fairies around at this place before. This is not … Continue reading Happy Willow


The Search for Tzanáta

Book trailer for The Search for Tzanáta, the sequel to the award-winning début novel Curse of the Tahiéra ”Beautifully written, deeply immersive, and wondrously magical… A thrilling fantasy adventure. Gillissen spins a fantastical narrative that seamlessly intertwines elements of fantasy with past life theories, dreamwalking, and human drama for an original, engrossing spiritual adventure tale. Along the way, Gillissen deftly explores the value of seeing … Continue reading The Search for Tzanáta


Why I don’t write fantasy

When I felt the call of my soul to start writing, I had to find a niche for my books to fit in. That’s how it works in the world of books. They need to be labeled. So, because they are adventurous stories, I ended up naming them fantasy. I wanted to have the freedom not to have to research historical details. Because in fact, … Continue reading Why I don’t write fantasy

The Battle for Attention

In this day and age, when the last convulsions of the Piscean Age are being felt, when the old twisted energy of Pisces: illusion and corruption plays a big role, it’s all about marketing and attention. Attention is time. Attention is money. Attention is energy. Attention is the most important tool for creating your reality and manifesting what you want… or don’t want. The battle … Continue reading The Battle for Attention

The dance of Light and Dark: finding meaning in these challenging times

My new article is now online at The Mindful Word: THE DANCE OF LIGHT AND DARK: Finding meaning in these challenging times Once we start realizing how many institutions, companies and government bodies do not work from the mindset of what is best for humanity and the Earth, we may be astounded. These include: Companies propagating health while selling toxins and addictive drugs Businesses selling … Continue reading The dance of Light and Dark: finding meaning in these challenging times


Hoe ga je om met het kwaad?

Wanneer je geconfronteerd wordt met de vergaande corruptie, kwaadwillendheid en bedrog in deze wereld, is er een verschil tussen het kwaad die jou of je naasten persoonlijk raakt, en corruptie die je alleen raakt omdat je het ziet op TV, social media, omdat je erover hoort van anderen – uit de tweede hand dus. Maar dat laatste kan je wel flink triggeren in je oude … Continue reading Hoe ga je om met het kwaad?


Build back true

The plan of the dark side that I see unfolding, I have experienced many times, in various lives and cultures. But in essence it is always the same. Take advantage of the fears of a population. Traumatize the people so that they are susceptible to hypnosis, to all kinds of imprinting. To the Narrative the dark side of polarity wants to instil, the illusion with … Continue reading Build back true