Oppression of truth before rise of consciousness

FB announced they were deleting “fake accounts” this week…. in its wake, it appears they are also deleting anything that threatens the Big Pharma money flow. Pages dealing with nature, organic food and health, ”alternative” opinion… with thousands of followers… gone. Just like that. It’s shocking. I wonder if it is even legal. On a spiritual level, how can we look at this? I would … Continue reading Oppression of truth before rise of consciousness

The garden of life

Maria carried the watering can up the steps to her little garden with effort. Shaded by ancient olive trees it was a tiny oasis in the hollow of the afternoon heat. She watered the flowering plants one by one, taking care to distribute the life-giving drops fairly: the petunias in deep magenta and purple, almost gaudy in their exuberance, the slender, dignified pink lilies, the … Continue reading The garden of life

healing universe

The Healing Universe

We don’t always see it, we are not always aware of it. When we lose ourselves in the daily drama of life on earth, we often lose the bigger picture. But sometimes, especially when we are in a higher state of awareness and notice the synchronicities of life, we can see it: the Universe is alive and always works towards our growth and healing. I … Continue reading The Healing Universe

False light: the pitfalls of false spirituality

In the spiritual world there has always been a part that operates under the guise of spirituality, but in reality cannot be called truly spiritual because it denies and undermines the autonomy, growth, and self-worth of people rather than building them up. This part might be called ‘false light’, or false spirituality. False spirituality False spirituality is any form of spirituality that promises growth, happiness … Continue reading False light: the pitfalls of false spirituality

why refugees


Ever since the images of refugees fleeing into Europe and the unkind reception they are receiving in many places flooded my screen, I have been pondering why we are reacting as we do. Why do we, the relatively rich West react with such trepidation or even violence at their coming? My dear online friend Sue captured it so well in this inspiring post and the … Continue reading Why?

aware dark

How to be aware of the dark without letting it get to you

Today I was tempted to share another bit of bad news about another upcoming treaty designed to let big Business have more power in Europe, even overriding national governments. When I read it, I was enraged and disheartened. Will these people never cease their attempts to enslave people and turn them into mindless, powerless consumers? So I shared it via social media. People need to … Continue reading How to be aware of the dark without letting it get to you

love fear rage

Do we choose fear or do we choose love? ♥

We live in a time in which everything dark is brought to light. Nothing can remain hidden any longer. This goes for on a personal level and the collective scale. Everything that was hidden in the dark comes up to be cleared, every illusion is held into the light and shattered, and shards fly everywhere. Especially in this age of information. So we are bombarded … Continue reading Do we choose fear or do we choose love? ♥

A meeting with the Moon

Last night I had an interesting experience. I was about to go to bed, and closing the curtains when I was hit by the light of the moon. Her  brightness startled me. The light was so strong, even though she wasn’t even full yet! I have always had a thing for the moon, the associations with the Feminine, with magic, with the Moon Goddesses… This … Continue reading A meeting with the Moon

Incarnated angels, ‘fallen’ angels and the incarnation process

My new article on incarnated angels is now live on Omplace.com! I assumed for years that human beings all choose more or less the same incarnation route: we are all part of the Source, blissful and undifferentiated. Then we choose the way of individuation and self-development by seemingly separating from Source and taking up the journey from Unity consciousness to Duality, which is often experienced … Continue reading Incarnated angels, ‘fallen’ angels and the incarnation process