Fae incognito!

The Fae have been making their presence known in my life more than ever before, or I have been more open to sensing them. But I never expected to find them frolicking disguised as ducks in the Dutch countryside! The other day I was having lunch at my favorite outdoors café. It has a lovely natural ambience, no doubt helped by the presence of goats, baby goats, hens, ducks, lambs, and a host of sparrows patiently waiting to feast on the crumbs of my lunch. My companion had gone to the ladies’ room which gave me time to study the … Continue reading Fae incognito!

The Goddess of Borger and the Faerie Folk

It is one thing to believe that the natural world is sacred and there are indeed nature spirits and deities of all kinds  present in the world around us. It is quite another to actually meet them in person! As a child I knew instinctively that everything in the world, the Universe was alive, endowed with spirit and interconnected. How could it be otherwise? But I had never actually seen a woodland sprite, a pixie, or met a fairy or a Goddess up close. So when I went to the woods in the north of the country for a little … Continue reading The Goddess of Borger and the Faerie Folk