magpie curse of the tahiera

Pyki the Magpie

‘A long, long time ago, so long you could count the ages on your fingers, and your father’s fingers, and your father’s father’s fingers and so on, and so forth, and still not have counted them all,’ Maetis began her story, and the children listened open-mouthed, ‘the first Beings were created. They were the Animals. They weren’t so different from us Humans, then. And they … Continue reading Pyki the Magpie

Nature is my favourite artist ♥

Lanterns fit for the Woodland King… ❤ Picture by Sharon Johnstone ”Áyra looked up at the Woodland King. His cloak was woven of leaves of may hues; from the dark blood red of autumn leaves to the fresh green of spring saplings. But when Áyra blinked his eyes, and looked again, it was of rich blue velvet, studded with star-like gems. He sighed with surprise. … Continue reading Nature is my favourite artist ♥

On dragons…

”The trees had dwindled into nothing, leaving only dusty earth and rocks, when Rom noticed a large stone structure in the distance. The path would take him straight to it, so he kept on walking. When he got closer, he could see it was a large open gateway made of big blocks of carved grey stone, and doors of heavy blackened wood. They were open, … Continue reading On dragons…

♥The Lovers’ Glances♥

From: the Search for Tzanáta, © Wendy Gillissen, 2014 ”The walk through the gardens calmed his senses. The meeting had only served to frustrate him further. Most Cáltoi of Tzanáta seemed blind and deaf to the warning signs, even when he outlined them to their faces. He shook his head, his eyes black as pitch, and breathed out in an attempt to release his anger. … Continue reading ♥The Lovers’ Glances♥