The myth of just letting go

In spiritual and new age circles, we are often advised to ‘just let go” as an ultimate solution: in pictures on social media, in conversations, in workshops and all kinds of therapy sessions. But is it really the end-all it’s cracked up to be? And is ‘just letting go’ really all there is to it? More than once I have had clients in my therapy … Continue reading The myth of just letting go

never forget nooit vergeten reincarnatie holocaust past lives reincarnation

Never forget

Scroll down for the Dutch version Fifteen years ago, when I underwent past life regressions to heal a past life as a girl who was experimented on and killed in a concentration camp, the internet was not as vast as it is today. After those sessions I did only a little research to find out if the gruesome story that had emerged from my past … Continue reading Never forget

Don’t fight against evil. Live for love.

Every time a deranged person throws a bomb and we react with rage and fear, darkness wins. The dark thrives on fear and violence. It feeds off it. Every act of terrorism and cruelty is DESIGNED to shock and horrify people, and lure them into either apathy and fear, or anger and violence. Shock is a natural reaction. The best way to deal with the … Continue reading Don’t fight against evil. Live for love.

… to forgive is devine ♥

  I love how the Universe works. I love how my Higher Self gives me messages on what  is still ready to be healed through synchronicity. I was reading blog posts of other authors today and came across a nice one about forgiveness. And suddenly it hit me: I had never really learned how to forgive myself for being a perfectly imperfect human being. It’s … Continue reading … to forgive is devine ♥