healers incognito

Healers Incognito

When you regard all lifeforms as equal, sentient beings and don’t just pay attention to what your eyes tell you about a person, an animal, plant or mineral but listen to your intuition, you can open the door to some special meetings and experiences. The outer appearance of a living being is not always proportional to their true being and potential. Sometimes the relation between … Continue reading Healers Incognito

earthbound spirits

How to deal with earthbound spirits

When you are highly sensitive or raising your vibration, you will probably notice that your senses are heightened and you start feeling things much more intensely. Chances are, that you will also start sensing the energies around you much more consciously: the energies of the world and all living beings within it, but also of less tangible spirits like nature spirits, angels, elementals, and: spirits … Continue reading How to deal with earthbound spirits


Healing our original blueprint

When people think of ‘past life therapy’ they often think of reincarnation and past lives. But in practice, it often turns out the incarnation process in this life – our original blueprint, our true self and our soul mission for our current life and personality – is just as important to heal as any past life. Blueprint Right before we begin our incarnation process in … Continue reading Healing our original blueprint

A new crystal friend

I do a lot of transformation work for myself and my clients, and every once in a while I feel the urge to treat myself to the assistance and company of a new friend from the mineral realm. This time my attention was drawn to Herkimer crystals. I remembered I had bought one years ago, but it was drilled horizontally and I couldn’t find a … Continue reading A new crystal friend

healing universe

The Healing Universe

We don’t always see it, we are not always aware of it. When we lose ourselves in the daily drama of life on earth, we often lose the bigger picture. But sometimes, especially when we are in a higher state of awareness and notice the synchronicities of life, we can see it: the Universe is alive and always works towards our growth and healing. I … Continue reading The Healing Universe


Soul archaeology: a past life love story

I have a fascination for the past. Even as a little girl I would wander about ancient castle ruins, one little finger trailing along the broken walls, my thoughts going out to the people who have walked amongst the same walls a long, long time ago. As if I was trying to connect with them. When I chose a University major I had to choose … Continue reading Soul archaeology: a past life love story

helende energie aarde healing earth energy

Healing energy of the earth

I noticed it before: you do not have to travel to Egypt, or England, or America to connect with the powerful energy of the earth. Of course, there are places where the energy is many times stronger. But for a little healing, sometimes you do not have to go further than your local park. There is a little park, in between Delft and Den Hoorn, … Continue reading Healing energy of the earth

helende energie aarde healing earth energy

De helende energie van de aarde

Het is me al eerder opgevallen: je hoeft niet naar Egypte, naar Engeland, Frankrijk of Amerika om verbinding te maken met de krachtige energie van de Aarde. Natuurlijk zijn er werkelijke krachtplaatsen waar de energie vele malen sterker is dan elders. Maar voor een beetje genezing hoef je soms niet verder te gaan dan je plaatselijke park. Er is een parkje, ingeklemd tussen Delft en … Continue reading De helende energie van de aarde