A Pandemic of Fear

Do we let ourselves be led by fear or crown ourselves with the light of consciousness? Imagine: you’re walking down the street and someone suddenly lets out a blood-curdling scream: ‘We’re all going to die!’ People start running and screaming in a blind panic. They start hoarding and perhaps even looting and burning along the way. So what do you do? Do you let yourself … Continue reading A Pandemic of Fear


Believe in yourself

Narcissists and sociopaths will try and do anything to bring you down. Bring down your frequency, your belief in yourself. But your belief in yourself is the starting point of your being able to create the experiences you want, from the frequency you want, and the frequency that is befitting the magnificence of your soul. If you underestimate yourself, the greatness of your true Being, … Continue reading Believe in yourself


Ascension: making way for the Light

For many people, spirituality and the ascension process are seen as reaching for the Light, a growing towards our greatest potential. For many lightworkers however, it entails a journey into the darkness of ancient pains and programs, of digging through layers of trauma and the associated restricting beliefs that hamper our being who we truly are: cosmic beings of light. When we dig through the … Continue reading Ascension: making way for the Light

Close call with evil: a sociopath in the family

  “Evil” I always hesitate to use the word “evil”. What many people may call evil are actually just human emotions, traits and motivations: aggression, jealousy, greed, anger… These human traits and emotions we can address and learn how to deal with. We can learn from them, transform them and bring their root causes to a higher level. Cold When I use the word “evil,”, … Continue reading Close call with evil: a sociopath in the family

Post-traumatic stress disorder – a limiting label?

Labels I don’t like labels. They explain little and stop us from thinking, exploring and understanding. They are like little boxes we put ourselves, others, and issues in. Still, sometimes we need labels in order to create shortcuts in conversation or explanation. Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is such a label. Belated symptoms I see a lot of therapy clients who suffer from symptoms one … Continue reading Post-traumatic stress disorder – a limiting label?

Healing the inner wound as a way to spiritual mastery

The wound is the place where the light enters you. Rumi In my therapy practice I often see people who, just like me, began the incarnation process long ago from the desire to heal living beings – and especially those who suffer. This deep desire and the process of incarnation it sets in motion, also brings along with it some pitfalls and obstacles that need … Continue reading Healing the inner wound as a way to spiritual mastery

healers incognito

Healers Incognito

When you regard all lifeforms as equal, sentient beings and don’t just pay attention to what your eyes tell you about a person, an animal, plant or mineral but listen to your intuition, you can open the door to some special meetings and experiences. The outer appearance of a living being is not always proportional to their true being and potential. Sometimes the relation between … Continue reading Healers Incognito

earthbound spirits

How to deal with earthbound spirits

When you are highly sensitive or raising your vibration, you will probably notice that your senses are heightened and you start feeling things much more intensely. Chances are, that you will also start sensing the energies around you much more consciously: the energies of the world and all living beings within it, but also of less tangible spirits like nature spirits, angels, elementals, and: spirits … Continue reading How to deal with earthbound spirits