Healing our original blueprint

When people think of ‘past life therapy’ they often think of reincarnation and past lives. But in practice, it often turns out the incarnation process in this life – our original blueprint, our true self and our soul mission for our current life and personality – is just as important to heal as any past life. Blueprint Right before we begin our incarnation process in … Continue reading Healing our original blueprint

Prayer… yur doin’ it rite ;-)

Sorry about the LOLspeak – I couldn’t help myself when I saw this cute praying kitty! 🙂 Anyway… it amazes me how often I find affirmations and prayers on Face Book and other media stating things in the negative. An example would be ‘Dear Creator, please help me be less egotistical and do good.’ I have two problems with statements like this. First, they are … Continue reading Prayer… yur doin’ it rite 😉

Blessings in (dis)guise

When you know in your heart and bones that YOU create your reality, that everything in your life can be healed and anything is possible, every obstacle on your path becomes a blessing. Every roadblock, every pebble in your shoe, every detour, every sudden stop is a message from the world, or indeed your soul, to your self saying: ”Hey sweetheart, there is something that … Continue reading Blessings in (dis)guise