The Battle for Attention

In this day and age, when the last convulsions of the Piscean Age are being felt, when the old twisted energy of Pisces: illusion and corruption plays a big role, it’s all about marketing and attention. Attention is time. Attention is money. Attention is energy. Attention is the most important tool for creating your reality and manifesting what you want… or don’t want. The battle … Continue reading The Battle for Attention

The dance of Light and Dark: finding meaning in these challenging times

My new article is now online at The Mindful Word: THE DANCE OF LIGHT AND DARK: Finding meaning in these challenging times Once we start realizing how many institutions, companies and government bodies do not work from the mindset of what is best for humanity and the Earth, we may be astounded. These include: Companies propagating health while selling toxins and addictive drugs Businesses selling … Continue reading The dance of Light and Dark: finding meaning in these challenging times

Balancing realities

When we are just awakening, or even when we have been awake for a long time, navigating the current situation in the world can feel like a challenge. How can we observe what’s really going on in the world, and STILL manifest the reality we want without either losing oneself in despair or disappearing in denial and wishful thinking? The important thing is to stay … Continue reading Balancing realities


The eye of the storm

The challenge is to see what IS, without getting caught up in it. To observe what is wrong in the world, without giving energy to it. To see what is wrong, without attaching yourself to it by fighting it, protesting it, because you will be adding to it. The challenge is to see clearly, all of it, the rights and the wrongs, the manipulations and … Continue reading The eye of the storm

Crisis als kans voor heelwording

Veel mensen worden op dit moment op verschillende manieren getroffen door de crisis rond het corona virus. Sommigen van ons komen direct in contact met het virus zelf. Maar verreweg de meesten van ons worden geraakt door de maatregelen rondom het virus: de restricties van de quarantainemaatregelen en alles wat dat met zich meebrengt, de collectieve angsten die worden aangeraakt en vooral: onze persoonlijke angsten … Continue reading Crisis als kans voor heelwording

Conversation with a five-year old

So I’m on my way to Pete’s, the local post office to pick up a parcel when a little blond girl of about five years old addresses me at the door, pigtails, pink clothes, pink bicycle: ”Flerpl.” I lower my sunglasses and gaze at her: ”Eh, what?” ”Fleppl.” ”Eh? What is that?” Little girl: ”That’s a word.” Me, still none the wiser: ”And what does … Continue reading Conversation with a five-year old

The cycle of unconditional giving

Giving and receiving can present us with problems when they are not unconditional. When there are expectations attached, guilt or fear, giving or receiving can have a certain heaviness, an oppressiveness attached. When we give unconditionally, free from expectation or want, we enter the flow of joy and generosity and the giving becomes receiving in a cycle that benefits both. When we receive unconditionally, free … Continue reading The cycle of unconditional giving