The eye of the storm

The challenge is to see what IS, without getting caught up in it. To observe what is wrong in the world, without giving energy to it. To see what is wrong, without attaching yourself to it by fighting it, protesting it, because you will be adding to it. The challenge is to see clearly, all of it, the rights and the wrongs, the manipulations and … Continue reading The eye of the storm

Crisis als kans voor heelwording

Veel mensen worden op dit moment op verschillende manieren getroffen door de crisis rond het corona virus. Sommigen van ons komen direct in contact met het virus zelf. Maar verreweg de meesten van ons worden geraakt door de maatregelen rondom het virus: de restricties van de quarantainemaatregelen en alles wat dat met zich meebrengt, de collectieve angsten die worden aangeraakt en vooral: onze persoonlijke angsten … Continue reading Crisis als kans voor heelwording


What do you choose to be infected by – fear or love?

Fear is contagious – so is love. We humans are social beings. Consciously or, most often subconsciously, we take on one another’s feelings, emotions, thoughts and energy and make them our ‘’reality’’. This is especially true for those of us who are sensitive. It is even more true for those of us who are still partly unconscious or not wholly awakened, vulnerable, fearful, or in … Continue reading What do you choose to be infected by – fear or love?

A Pandemic of Fear

Do we let ourselves be led by fear or crown ourselves with the light of consciousness? Imagine: you’re walking down the street and someone suddenly lets out a blood-curdling scream: ‘We’re all going to die!’ People start running and screaming in a blind panic. They start hoarding and perhaps even looting and burning along the way. So what do you do? Do you let yourself … Continue reading A Pandemic of Fear

Infinite possibilities

There is something so satisfying about a new stash of yarn. Each ball representing infinite possibilities. An abandunce of choice. You can create anything you want with a long single thread. It’s so exiting. But then, when you make your choice to create a certain thing and work the pattern, the creative energy is set – congealed as it were, in a structure. You create … Continue reading Infinite possibilities

wet van aantrekking

Wet van Aantrekking of magisch denken?

Wanneer je kennis hebt van de Wet van Aantrekking, kun je leven vanuit de bevrijdende kennis dat je als creator je eigen werkelijkheid creëert en heb je de tools in handen om dit te doen. Maar soms wordt de Wet van Aantrekking zo onjuist begrepen of toegepast dat deze juist leidt tot het tegenovergestelde resultaat. Wet van Aantrekking Volgens deze universele wet ”nodigen wij zelf … Continue reading Wet van Aantrekking of magisch denken?


Ever since the images of refugees fleeing into Europe and the unkind reception they are receiving in many places flooded my screen, I have been pondering why we are reacting as we do. Why do we, the relatively rich West react with such trepidation or even violence at their coming? My dear online friend Sue captured it so well in this inspiring post and the … Continue reading Why?